Model out without lipstick.



Ladies, don’t you just hate it?? …you get all dressed up …hot to trot !!!…then you catch  glimpse of yourself in a mirror.

 And suddenly you realize..your forgot the lipstick…the whole look gone for a crap right there !!!. 



19 responses to “Model out without lipstick.

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  2. Crap…what would make an old lady dress like that?????

  3. You just made me spill my coffee 🙂 She looks… different, but yes, the lipstick might improve the over all picture?

  4. Surely not! Lol 😊
    I do understand re the lipstick thing though!! 😄

  5. Wow! What a look! Obviously a real rebel to prove anyone can make a statement. However, lipstick would add to her avante garde.

  6. Blahahahahaha!!! 😆

  7. Hahahaha! If you need to spend hours to make yourself pretty, lipstick wont help haha!

  8. The fishnet look IS pretty sexy. However, it might even be a bloke with man boobs and a big belly. Shame – a touch of lippie would have completed the look.

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