Criminals are welcome to Briton.

type102If you are a murderer on the run, child molester, rapist, embezzler, pickpocket or have taken part in any other crime you have no problem getting into Briton.
Just come on over, free entry, help given, no questions asked.

After a few months you will be given a house to rent or money to rent a room or house but the government will give you the money to pay the rent. Also you will receive money from the government to help you live here as well as free access to our health care.

If you bring the rest of your thieving family with you they will be given free schooling, food and uniforms.

You can even claim for children who don’t belong to you when claiming family allowance, borrow two crutches and claim for disability allowance, and if you get it claim for a free car for you and your family to go out thieving.

If the police catch you thieving you will not be sent back, you will not even be put in jail, you will be given a warning, great here isn’t it for you foreigners.

Send all these people to jail and as soon as they get out deport them and their entire family back to their own country.

The latest batch allowed in to Briton are the Roma gypsies, who are so bad the Muslims families are moving out of streets where these gypsies have moved into, and it takes something bad to move Muslims from their homes.

Time this bloody government acted and stopped this criminals coming to Briton, deport them at the airport as soon as they arrive. They are causing most of the crime in Briton and nothing is done to them and they are set free to carry on.

Shame on the British government the courts and the police, but at the end of the day its the politicians who run the country and they must take the blame and take control.


22 responses to “Criminals are welcome to Briton.

  1. OH! I do so agree with you!!

  2. oh and Harry, dont forget the human rights group that will fight deportation free of charge for them when the government does decide to send them home., Oh Yeh, and we must be polite. if you are an illegal citizen please we beg you, go home..

  3. Please–if you want to discuss illegals in a country, sit next to me and we’ll chat.

  4. do you think the country has a guilt that makes them want to be punished by rewarding the ill, and ignoring the good ?

  5. Spot on as usual, Harry. I love my country but I despair of it these days. And if you’ve been born and bred here..paid your taxes and/ or fought in a war…you get bugger all.

  6. Here in South Africa foreign criminals are a protected species too, they are well connected with the top brass in the police force and literally get away with murder.

  7. Shameful is the word Harry. It was just reported on the news that they’ve found fingerprints from a guy our government allowed to immigrate to Kentucky from the Middle East amongst the evidence collected after an Al Qaeda bombing back in 2005. Who knows what he’s been up to, living right here under all our noses all this time?!?!

  8. more PC gone to extremes

  9. I find it odd that foreign criminals are sent to jail in the first place ,why should we have to pay for them to stay here in luxury ,deport the scum back to where they came from . I watched a TV programme called “nothing to declare” the control at airports and such was great .one woman had a controlled substance hidden in her shoe she was given a 7 year jail sentence with not time off for good behaviour

  10. What gets me is this ,why to hell do they let them out on bail ? A lot of them out on bail will surly go on the right run

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