Another child killed by a dog

type102Lexi Branson age four was killed by the family pet dog while she sleep.Yet another persons life is taken by a dog, this follows two teenagers who were killed by dogs earlier this year.


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More dog attacks

I cannot understand people bringing these dogs into a house were children are living, her mother tried to pull the dog off but had to stab the dog to free Lexi.

The Bulldog is not a banned breed but it should be, because this is not the first time this type of dog has attacked.

The youngest who died this year was, Harry Harper 8 days old attack by a Jack Russel.

The government has said they are going to tighten up the controls on dogs well it about time because we are waiting a long time.

A new law was just made, if someone is attacked  on or in the owners property they can be sent to jail and the dog put down, it brings it in line with attacks outside the home.

Its now time to stop the breeding of all banned dogs and prosecute anyone who doe’s.


14 responses to “Another child killed by a dog

  1. I’m sorry, I canNOT agree with you on this. It is a tragedy at any time when a dog goes off like this, I completely agree there. But to put the blame and the punishment on the dog, especially on a complete breed of dog, I find ridiculous. Granted, I’ve trained a great deal of dogs in past years for foster, and understand all too well the signs of a dog who could lose control if not in the capable hands a proper owner. But this doesn’t just happen. There are triggers. It is not the breed, it is the individual dog and how that dog has been treated, trained, and understood by the owner. I completely agree that the owner of the animal should be held at least partially accountable for the actions of the dog, but the dog itself should be removed from that home, evaluated and determined by a trained professional if the dog is prone to violent action by personality, or if the dog is able to be retrained and put in a new home with an owner that will treat it properly. Yes, there are dangerous dogs out there that will snap, but not all dogs that snap are too far gone to start over. The problem is people don’t want to put in the effort to give dogs like that another chance. Frankly, it breaks my heart.

    • Thanks for the comment Rana.
      These types of dogs are COMPLETELY BANNED and should not be in any home.
      The history of this family dog was not known so it should not have gone into a home with children.
      You say the owner should be partially accountable, i say completely accountable and jailed.
      Once an attack dog, always an attack dog because the thought and memory is always there.
      Its not that people don’t want to put in the effort, they do not want the danger in the house.

      It saddens me that your complete comment was about the dogs and nothing about the child above or victims

  2. Harry, if the breeds are legally banned, then I can understand that they should not have been owned in the first place. I get that. What I am saying is that the breed is not the issue on a temperamental level. A breed does not make a dog. A dog is a dog regardless of breed, you need only learn how that particular dog as an individual behaves, whether it is typical of the breed or not. I’ve seen Golden Retrievers that could kill a man if it wanted to, because of its individual temperament.

    I agree with you about the owner, frankly. This is why I said ‘at least.’

    I can’t agree with you at all about once an attack dog always an attack dog because I have worked with such dogs before. I have rehabilitated such dogs and watched them live out the rest of their lives in the capable hands of a proper owner with never another incident. Dogs have a way of thinking as dogs, not as breeds of dogs, and can be retrained to think as dogs and so behave as dogs. I truly believe that because I have seen it and I have done it.

    As for the children, what do you want me to say more than I began with? It is a tragedy for a dog, or any creature, to do such a thing to a child, or any other animal. That is not the purpose of your post any more than it is my comment. Your post is not about mourning the child or dwelling on the child, it is about retribution and revenge for the child against the dog and the owner of that dog. That is what I addressed in my comment.

    • The breed does matter, i have never heard of a poodle or doberman or similar dog attack anyone.
      I’m attacking the dogs and their owners because its not the childs fault it was killed it was the dog and owner
      I had a full breed male German Shepard, a big, big dog. Well brought up and cared for, never looked at another dog because it didn’t have to and never barked, would never do any harm.
      BUT i made the mistake of coming into the house late one night quietly, boy did he let me know he was there, which was very good.
      He went quite after i spoke to him.
      I know there are all types of dogs well brought up, but its the attack dogs i’m attacking for that reason and i believe you cannot change them totally.

  3. As someone who has owned many types of breeds over the years(large and giant dogs) the breed does play a factor to a degree in a dogs behavior. There are so many nice dogs that get put down due to lack of space in shelters. There are more dogs than homes available. I go by the stance of the greatest good to the greatest number so any dog that attacks, in my opinion, should be put down(and frankly could care less who agrees with me or not).

    • HI Michael, there are lots of good dogs and its sad that they get put down in shelters, but i remain with the thought as you do, attack dogs should be put down.

  4. Yes, the original intentions of a breed can play a factor in the individual dog’s temperament, but these traits can easily be trained out of a dog. And I can tell you from experience that any dog of any breed can snap. I was attacked by a poodle about 4 years ago. It got through an improperly latched fence while I was walking to class during college. I blocked its charge with my arm and had to get stitches. You know what the result of that attack was? I told the owner I would not file charges if they hired me to train the dog. They agreed, as they had never seen such aggression in their pet before. I discovered that they never walked the dog, and so it became territorial of the backyard. They also later explained they had trouble letting people into the house because the dog would growl and block people’s way in. After three weeks of daily work with the dog, socializing with other dogs on the street, bringing friends over in a controlled environment, walks and hard runs, all the warning signs were gone. The poodle refused to go out the door before the owner walked past it first and invited it out, it refused to go beyond the gate if it was left open before it, it stopped growling, etc. I kept in touch with the family to help them reinforce the training, and they haven’t had an issue since. This is why I say it is not about the breed. The breed can contribute to the problem, but the breed alone is not the cause. It is the individual dog and how it is trained and treated by the owner.

    • I would say the owners of that dog ill-treated it by not doing the things you said, well done you for helping.
      I also now a small dog that has not been walked for about 4 years never seen a vet and i believe the dog should go to a new home.
      But as i said well done.

  5. All dogs are potentially very dangerous, and I really hate it when I walk with my cane and dogs come running towards me, barking and attacking. Their owners simply don’t get it, they say: “He doesn’t do anything” “! Oh, but you stared at him!” Maybe you are afraid of dogs? ” ?? wtf? Keep them away from me!
    Hey, they jump up my knee, they make me cripple for days. Dogs should be on a rope outdoors at any time, and nasty dogs should be put to sleep. It is idiotic that children can be killed by bad breeded dog races and nothing should be done.
    I really am starting to think people who are so fond of dogs, should try liking people. JMO

    • Over here 99% of people keep dogs on a lead ( i think its the law ) strays are picked up, if not re-homed are put down.
      Very, very few dogs run the streets, and even less have access to the front gardens of the house to bother people.
      It seems the rest of Briton don’t care.

      • It is the law here too, but most dogowners ignore. Dogs run loose killing sheep and goats, attacking joggers etc. It would be nice if something would be done about it 🙂 Complaining to the police doesn’t help, they don’t have time to maintane the law…

    • Sorry Ina i didn’t see your reply, in northern Ireland any dog that kills a sheep or other animal is taken away and the owner fined. The police / dog wardens are very strict about loose dogs in the streets etc.

  6. We need to keep a sense of proportion here. Yes dog attacks are horrendous but most dogs do not attack people unless they are defending either themselves or their owner. However on reading certain of the tabloid press you are left with the impression that there is an epidemic of dog attacks which is, quite frankly not the case. Some dog attacks are unprovoked and when this happens the dog should (usually) be humanely destroyed. Ill treatment of dogs is, however often a factor in making a dog attack. For example 14-year-old Jade Anderson was attacked by dogs which had on their owner’s own admission been kept in cages for prolonged periods and given little (if any) exercise. Given the terrible treatment of the dogs it is little wonder that they behaved as they did. My heart goes out to Jade’s parents but the creature who possesses the main responsibility for what happened is the owner of the dogs, not the dogs themselves.
    We need to ensure that children and others are (so far as is possible) protected from dog attacks. However legislation needs to be properly thought through rather than being the knee jerk reaction of legislators to public opinion.

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