Shame on British Prisons.

type102 British prisons are a gold mine for drug dealers and contraband smugglers according to a prison officer i was talking to a few days ago.

The Guardian News Paper.

The Telegraph News Paper

They wrap drugs in cling film so many times and so tightly that the fumes cannot escape for the dogs to smell them.

They carry them in on their bodies in their underwear, which means prison officers cannot search the people there.

Or else they put them on young children and babies and again they cannot be searched.

The prisons do not have body scanners which would pick up all the items they are carrying in to prison.

The prisons are awash with drugs, how is a prisoner sent for rehabilitation meant to get help when he can get drugs at any time.

Now i hear you asking why does this happen, well i will  tell you why. The European Courts of Human Rights thats why this happens. They say that it infringes on the visitors civil liberties.

So what

They are visiting criminals in jail, they are drug smugglers, putting people lives in danger, they should not have any rights when they step inside the door.

They can bring other things into prison that are not metal, they list is endless. Every article including prams, gifts etc should be searched through and scanned.

Every person including children should have to go through an upright body screen plus a body search.

These measures should cut down the amount of smuggling 90%.

European Human Rights, do away with them now and make a UK bill of rights to suit Briton and our own needs, after all, the rest of Europe does not keep to it, Briton seems to be the only one who implements it.

Get out now.


6 responses to “Shame on British Prisons.

  1. I agree absolutely. We (this country) follow European legislation like so many sheep, to our shame. We aren’t Great anymore. Just a laughing stock.

  2. Put all the elderly people into jail ,at least inside they will be fed well ,be warm and safe from muggers then put all the prisoners into the old peoples homes ,the prisons are a total disgrace as is the human right brigade mm

  3. I believe corporal punishment should be reinterduced back into our prisons for the magority of serious offences (I don’t mean not paying the TV licence /no MOT on your car )but real heavy stuff .The man that used to administer the birch on the Isle of man was asked did he think. it was a deterrent ,his reply was “Well I never saw the same arse twice ” we are far to soft on criminals IMO

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