Acrostic Poem: Autumn.



A = Another autumn comes around

U = undressing summers growth

T = trees baring their branches

U = unstoppable as they fall

M = man left to clear up

N = natures process of renewal

Can also be viewed at my blog POETS CORNER

11 responses to “Acrostic Poem: Autumn.

  1. Lovely again Harry! 😊

  2. Yes I am! Sorry, very remiss of me, apologies, when everyone has gone home to Ireland I will be back in full force! 😊

  3. Liked it again!!

  4. I love those first two lines.

  5. I love acrostics, though I am not that good at them. Autumn is a gorgeous season, I have written of fall in one of my poems, Tangerine Trail of Fall,

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