America , will they attack Syria.

Will the President go against what seems like a great wave of people all over the world and attack Syria. Will he ignore the people and go for an attack.
Will he go against the U.N and attack, I think the evidence he has is dodgy, where did he get it, I think its from the same people who supplied President Bush’s information and look how that turned out, a pack of lies.
What business is it the states any-way, they are not the policemen of the world, it will do the states no harm. If they attack, it will do greater harm, fester more hatred towards America maybe more Americans killed.

Does every American President have to go to war to leave his stamp on history and if he does not, is he looked at as a failure.

America has killed enough people, lots of them innocent, since and including Vietnam. A generation has grown up knowing nothing only war. I think its time for America to mind their own business, keep out of other countries let them sort their own affairs and get America back in shape. From what we can see on TV and pictures it has gone downhill very badly.

Don’t forget, America used and is still using weapons of mass destruction, napalm bombs, cluster bombs, drone bombs, all of which kill innocent people.

He has a chance to get out of this now that Syria are going to give up the weapons, but I think nothing is going to stop him, not even congress or the people.

6 responses to “America , will they attack Syria.

  1. the rumor was always that Sadam had moved his WMDs to Syria. Maybe these are Saddam vintage.

    I think just sending a few missles at $1,000,000 a pop paid by the Saudi’s is a pathetic response.

    Plus, the one side uses gas, the other is Al Qeda and beheads prisoners on video tape. And we help which side ???

  2. I’ve tried to stay out of this warmongering hoopla. So much violence all over the world. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. How will this posturing lead to peace?

    • I cannot remember the last time America was at peace, I think its inbred to most people to fight and kill

      • Our culture certainly condones violence as a solution to conflict, but not all of us believe in fighting or killing. Unfortunately too many of the people in powerful positions seem to be trigger happy (and are supported by businesses that make weapons). I don’t know of many powerful “peace lobbies.”

  3. I agree Lorna with every word.

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