President Robert Mugabe rigs the election.


Again President Robert Mugabe rigs the election in Zimbabwe.



There were “significant concerns” of irregularities both leading up to the poll and on election day itself which “call into serious question the credibility of the election”.

Over one million people were cheated out of their vote in areas that did not support him, and an  unbelievable number of people of 100 years of age voted in a country were the age limit is about 65.

Also have concerns over reports of large numbers of voters who were turned away, particularly in urban areas, the very high numbers of extra ballot papers that were printed and additional polling stations apparently added on Election Day itself.”

Yahoo News.

Mr Mugabe, who is 89, has governed the former British colony, then known as Rhodesia, since independence in 1980, 33 years he has ruled and is to serve another 5 years. He brought the country to its knees when he took over the farms belonging to white farmers and put his own men in, they knew nothing about farming and they went to the wall and the people starved.

Only when he is dead will the people be free.

2 responses to “President Robert Mugabe rigs the election.

  1. “an unbelievable number of people of 100 years of age voted in a country were the age limit is about 65”

    That’s the maddest thing about these crazed tyrants. They don’t even bother attempting to appear legitimate. Didn’t Putin once get 146% of the vote or something like that?

  2. It seems elections are rigged all over Africa and Asia.

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