Abu Qatada deported.


Radical preacher Abu Qatada has pleaded not guilty to terror charges – just hours after his deportation from the UK to Jordan.


At last he is out of Briton, after spending twenty years here, ten of those in jail and the total cost of the legal battle £1.7 million.

This murdering scum can end his days in a jail in Jordan but will have no home comforts that he got in a British jail.

His wife and children are to remain here and I hope they do not get the support they once got, let their Muslim friends take care of them, after all she supported this murder.

The case became a national embarrassment, with critics of European human rights legislation claiming it rendered UK politicians powerless to remove someone who was a clear threat to national security.

Britain will have to get their act together and the laws fixed to get the rest for these people out of Briton.

11 responses to “Abu Qatada deported.

  1. It’s about time.

  2. Harry, I don’t like to sound prejudiced , but , when I was at heathrow Airport, I thought I was at some MiddleEastern country. I was in line to be admitted for 3 hours so I managed to observe the people there. I swear 90% of them were MiddleEasterners… women wearing scarves, etc. I wonder why they immigrate to western countries whose cultures they abhor. Before you know it, they will demamnd Sharia Law and prayer rooms at their workplace

  3. Be as prejudiced as you like 🙂
    I see England on TV and I agree it has been taken over, it is now a game of spot the white man.
    They have already tried to get to use Sharia Law, and they are allowed to pray in work.
    Here in Northern Ireland and the South they are despised, there are very, very few and they are not allowed to build mosques, I have never seen a woman were a veil.

    I hope it stays like that.

  4. Good riddance to bad rubbish…and as someone said, lets deport the rest of the terrorist gangs we have in this country. Because you can bet there are cells flourishing here ready to strike.

  5. I never understand why people migrate to a country then try to change everything to the ways of the country they left…just stay where you are I say if that is how you feel. Britain has become way too PC…New Zealand is headingt hat way too.

  6. Pc should be contained, and if you don’t like , to bad.

  7. It would work out cheaper for the UK to pay them to stay in their own country but the English are to soft they might offend someone LOL

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