Abu Qatada costs soar to £1.7 million.

Britain has been trying to deport Abu Qatada since 2005, and he has been detained and released several times during the legal battle.

The government has been trying to deport this scum for nine years, so hopefully within the next few months when Jordan pass a new law we will see the back of him.


In a letter to MPs, The Home Secretary Theresa May said the total was £1,716,306, including £647,658 on legal aid for Abu Qatada.

Legal aid for him, why this murderer getting legal aid from the government so that he can fight the gov; in court when the ordinary person cannot get it.

The money it has cost would employed 90 new constables for a year.”

Get this scum and his follows out of Briton and anyone who doe’s harm in Briton, don’t worry about their human rights, they didn’t when they harmed someone.



9 responses to “Abu Qatada costs soar to £1.7 million.

  1. I know a cheaper way to get rid of this low life.. 😉

  2. I agree whole heartedly, Harry. I’d like to see a few more packed off with that beast as well. The monsters who killed that poor soldier in Woolwich spring to mind. Send them back to the backword hell holes they or there ancestors came from.

  3. It’s the ridiculous Euro human rights laws Harry. Been livin in northern France since Oct 2011. The French were one of the main sponsors of a lot of these daft laws, but they get rid of hate mongers like this far quicker, Euro “human rights” laws or no. Although seemingly racist at times they’re scrupiously fair, but simply don’t abide that sort of thing. Me terrible ungrammatical French in north Antrim accent (despite being from Bangor – all the north coast hols & cousins in Coleraine!) is somethin to behold. Teachin the locals rude put downs in Belfaws & Coleraine dialect. I try to educate folk like you do Harry! Keep up the great work.

  4. Got a good proportion of Bangor & Ards, sayin the Frog equivalent of shut yer bucket already! Funny how we always learn the bad language & insults first. France suffering a big influx from it’s former North African colonies/empire, & causes a lot of unrest & division. No objections to other religions & beliefs, but if you move to another country, you should abide by it’s laws, & intergrate with the locals, not try to export radical hatred. Local dialech Ch’ti has a lot of Ulster/Scots sounding words. Careful how you pronounce it Harry!

  5. I can’t for the life me of me understand how we came to give up the right to control our own borders. It all seems like madness to me.

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