Warning – Possible Caterpillar Attack!

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Peter Martin writes:

“Beware! Warm weather has encouraged caterpillars of the Oak Processionary moth to emerge from their eggs. Each caterpillar has around 63,000 hairs, some of which can be blown in clouds by the wind, causing serious irritation to the eyes, lungs and skin. In some circumstances, they could even kill by triggering asthmatic attacks and severe allergic reactions.

The caterpillars make white nests the size of a tennis ball in oak trees and, being voracious eaters, very quickly strip the trees of their leaves, before moving on to the next tree for a repeat performance. After pupating in late June or early July, the moths emerge about two weeks later.

Caterpillars have already been spotted in Reading and in the grounds of Bethlem Royal Hospital, Beckenham in south-east London, so they are not far away. The Forestry Commission has issued an alert for South-east England, particularly areas including…

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7 responses to “Warning – Possible Caterpillar Attack!

  1. Oh good grief Harry, that’s downright scary!!! 😯

  2. They’re not that big a deal! We get them here in Gib too. Just need to be alert and keep out of their way, and keep animals out of their way too. Got to love the UK freaking out about everything these days.

    • Do you not kill them in Gib, they will here 🙂

      • I don’t know whether we do or not. There are just signs up in the botanical gardens telling you about them and to take care, so I suspect not. I’ll ask next time I visit.

        But seriously, is it that difficult to avoid them? The Uk has a severe case of paranoia. Apart from when it comes to welcoming Eastern Europeans with open pockets which is a different issue.

  3. yikes ~ I hate crawlers of all kinds! Except kids!

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