A question: Poem.

Photo evolutionvscreation.wordpress...
Photo evolutionvscreation.wordpress…

Is there a God or not

is it evolution or creation

no-one knows for sure

arguments are open for both

no proof for either side

but what has never

been answered for sure

is the question

Photo blogs.plos.org

This poem can also be seen on my other blog



15 responses to “A question: Poem.

  1. Hmmmm, interesting one Harry 🙂

    You already know my thoughts on this one! 🙂
    Very thought provoking.

  2. Hi Harry — I prefer to delay the only way to know for sure as long as possible ……

  3. Do we really want to know?

  4. Nice! I think there is proof for both evolution and creation 😀

  5. I believe we have many proofs that back up each other ~ Blessings Friend

  6. Thought provoking post, Harry. I believe in evolution begun and motivated by the power of the universe. In other words, God.

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