Which social class do you belong to.


Every country has different classes of people, Briton has just changed the class system from three to seven.

You can take the test below, tell the truth 🙂 and post your result below.

Find out if your a snob or working class and proud of the fact.

Have fun.

The test.


27 responses to “Which social class do you belong to.

  1. I did it. The states don’t really have a class system per se, but lately it seems that we’re getting a greater divide between the haves and the have nots.

  2. I think it’s rubbish. I think the class system old or new doesn’t allow for intelligence or morals and ethics, Seemingly more what job you have, the money you earn and whether you own your house. It’s supposed to be seven groups now according to that test.

  3. …Not another thing perpetuating the myth that the British are obsessed with class (and owning property)…Or maybe the British just love abstract sociological gimmicks…Neo-Marxists have been tearing shreds out of each other for years over this kind of polemical claptrap…And nobody wants a Marxist in the club, when global capitalism and the construction of these models of so-called “liberal capitalist-democratic” societies have pretty much failed the majority of people for generations…I sense a huge backdated compensation payout there, of course…

    …Either way, I am a bit shocked this kind of dull academic exercise makes the news and gets people all hot under the collar […I am a bit hot under the collar for a change…I hate all this divisive class talk in the 21st Century…]…Yes, BBC, the slightly grubby index finger is pointed at you; as Syria destroys itself, North Korea gets gung-ho with Photoshop, Cyprus becomes an economic zombie nation, you steer the Brits back to this trifling isolationism — you are to blame for this publicity-oxygen; the BBC, that bastion of W.M.C.M. [apparently, that is pseudo-sociological speak for White Middle-Class Men…] …. And, more importantly, who really cares about class these days?…OK, maybe sociologists [with a dwindling student population]…

    …Only the UK can be so stereotypical, and revel in that global stereotype; soon we will be just like how Trey Parker and Matt Stone eerily envisaged us on ‘South Park’… We will be giving the Queen even more money next…[…Think I was too late for that one…]…Peace…

    • A good rant, but the class system is in every country in the world, with the rich, middle class and poor and it will always be the same.

      The B.B.C. keeps the world informed about the news and the world service lets people know things that their own country will not tell them.

      • ….That is indeed true, class is a part of this capitalist deadened democratic process; the other problem being there are no truly alternative societies to worth a merited comparison…China cannot really be called communist?…It is inevitable within this kind of decayed society…Maybe Harrington was right after all?…Though, it is a thoroughly 20th Century debate…They[the BBC] do not question these social models…Journalists do not suddenly start talking about Proudhon or Kropotkin, either…Anyone who dissents is a dirty crusty Marxist…However, the BBC[if it wanted to] can take the debate to the next level and argue why we feel the need to constantly look within ourselves and seem oddly preoccupied by class; that might rumble academia who need the interest…You might say it is a uniquely British obsession why we feel the endless need to find social stratification [I am sure it just might be someone’s dissertation somewhere…]…I am not arguing the BBC do not play any role informing other countries with repressive regimes about what goes on, though there are many outlets for information around the world, Twitter doesn’t do badly and Reuters still exists just about too – though, in fact, ITN are a lot braver than the BBC in their journalism and expect to make enemies, like Sri Lanka; the weird thing is why the BBC choose to keep resurrecting this dead debate; in an era of economic zombies, surely we should be looking at ways to create new social models, new societies, not harking back to keep the status quo content…As the state broadcaster has obviously done to curry favour with this sham of a “government” currently in situ…It can’t sound too absurd to someone who takes time to indulge in Aunty’s piffle?

  4. I was looking at the class names…. is it good to be elite or bad ?

  5. me like and empty tea pot ‘the dregs’ heehee!

  6. That was funny.

    I did it twice. Once for my previous life in the UK, and now for my current life in Gib/Spain. [ETA I did it a third time to see if a change in one answer would alter the results]

    Quite honestly I thought the questions were banal and simplistic.

    Oh, and my results? Elite in the UK, and trad working class here in Gib/Spain. I am neither. In my obviously totally incorrect opinion.

    As rkgalvez says, it’s stereotyping in the extreme. Why on earth does going to the opera (for example) make you ‘elite’? because I’m sure ticking that box for my UK life would have bumped me up a few categories.

    There was nothing about education in there, but the elite category did fit me. Private education, although not an elite university. The age range was near too. But change one answer on the test and I shot from old working class (ie age 66 which I am not) and I went to established middle class, leap-frogging a few groups to do so. One answer shouldn’t make that much difference.

    Why should who I mix with make me one class or another? I don’t mix with my neighbours because they are teachers or cleaners. I mix with them because they are my neighbours and nice people. Half those questions were still based on money, eg opera, the type of people you mix with (often down to where you live or where you work), obviously income, savings and property value. And it still included boring old prejudice against, for example, cleaners, electricians, lorry drivers, demoting them to the ranks of ancient trad working class.

    If that’s all sociologists and the BBC have to do with their time, I suggest they find a new job.

  7. I took the test, but being from the States, I think the results weren’t accurate and I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I scored closest to “Precariat” whatever the heck that is. But I stopped visiting stately homes when real estate professionals got wise to the fact that I just wanted to gawk. And I thought the question about hanging around with a “solicitor” was rather personal.I’m not that kind of girl! 😉

  8. I didn’t learn anything new about myself. Even though I am from “the states” I am from the working class there. My test result: “Precariat. This is the poorest and most deprived class group.” Although I am deprived of lots of money, I find wealth in life by the choices I make. So I count my blessings that I still have the freedom to choose how to live. I don’t think I would be happier otherwise.

  9. I’m American and proud of it. The ridiculous BBC test classes me as elite, total claptrap. I might like to think of myself as elite but it’s not so. I’m a self-employed writer, a job that pays next to nothing much of the time. I live in a middle class, or what some might call mixed middle to lower class, neighborhood. By that I mean the houses are descent but not fancy, and while most of the neighbors are good people who take care of their property, there are a few rotten apples in the bunch.

    What people do I know? Everyone from my cleaning lady (I need her because I’m disabled) to friends who are retired nurses, teachers, librarians, to numerous fellow authors — which wasn’t even listed on the test. Do I watch sports? Only when my husband forces me to by turning on some meaningless (to me) game of TV. Opera? never! Ballet? Puts me to sleep. Give me a beautifully produced movie like “Lincoln” with Daniel Day Lewis, who I have adored ever since he starred in Last of the Mohicans. Or a fantasy like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Get my drift?

    Oh, and it’s very true we have poor, middle income, rich and disgustingly wealthy people in the U.S. The divide between rich and poor seems to widen every year, but most of us have hope for a better tomorrow. At least I do.

  10. I was a “Emergent Service Worker”, I don’t know what that means but I think I should feel insulted.

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