14 year old Jade killed by dogs

Another attack by aggressive out of control dogs has resulted in the death of a fourteen year old girl.  She was going to her friends house and bought a pie for her lunch. The government said they would change the law but instead sit with their fingers up their arse an let it go on.

Jade Anderson

It is thought two Staffordshire bull terriers, a bull mastiff and an American bulldog went berserk when Jade Lomas-Anderson, 14, began eating a meat pie.


As they tried to grab the pie, they bit her throat and Jade, who was alone in the house, was unable to fight them off.

The owner of four dogs which savagely mauled a schoolgirl to death may not face any prosecution under the current legislation because the attack was on their property.

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All four dogs were shot by police because they were so aggressive and before the y could investigate what had happened.

How much longer must people wait before there is a total ban on keeping this type of dog, the government sits doing nothing while people die. And why have so many in one house with young children about, utter madness.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2299474/Jade-Anderson-death-Atherton-girl-14-eating-MEAT-PIE-4-snarling-dogs-mauled-death.html#ixzz2OsF5npqU

american bulldogAmerican Bulldog

bull mastiffBull Mastiff

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Two Staffordshire Bull Terrier


18 responses to “14 year old Jade killed by dogs

  1. As an avowed animal lover I completely agree with you. Some animals are simply not suited to be household pets. The owners of these dogs should be held liable for their pets’ actions. Just terrible.

  2. Hard to “like” a story like this, and harder to believe the government does nothing. Sickening.

  3. To me, the blame *always* lies with the owner. I don’t know anything about American bulldogs, but the one Mastiff I’ve ever encountered was a sweetie, and as for Staffies? The guest house we frequent when we visit my family in Cheltenham have had two Staffies in the time we’ve been staying there. Their previous one died of old age but was an arthritic old sweetie, and their current Staffie is a great big love sponge who’s only dangerous with his fiercely wagging tail and big slobbery tongue. I have never met a Staffie who didn’t want to love all over me.

    This woman should be incarcerated for animal neglect and manslaughter. They were kept outside in a squalid garden, never walked and very little in the way of human contact. There is also speculation that they were rarely fed.

    As I said, I never blame the dog; the dog is only a reflection of the owner.

  4. this is awful Harry!

  5. This is of course a tradgedy, but I struggle when it comes to blaming the dogs. It’s the owners that create these monsters. So it’s the owners that should be held accountable. I have two friends who have a staffie; he’s one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. But that’s because he’s looked after well. Perhaps the solution is for people who want to own such potentially dangerous dogs to have to prove their ability to look after them. How? I don’t know.

  6. The owners of those dogs should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. This is disgusting. As I’ve said in other posts, dogs are not born this way, they are abused and neglected by their owners who turn them into dangerous animals. It’s tragic beyond belief.

  7. It is awful Harry but you can’t blame the breeds. It is the owners who are to blame. A blanket ban on breeds only leads to misplaced fear and ignorance about the dogs themselves.

    • Thanks JO, but there is a blanket ban on all dangerous dogs on Northern Ireland and there are no dog attacks, any banned dogs found, which are very very few are taken away and the owner fined.

      • No breed is by definition dangerous Harry. I would trust my daughter’s friend’s pitbull much more than I would my little fox terrier with a child. Many breeds are maligned through fear and ignorance. And because of their owners not teaching them how to behave. I do agree some breeds should not be kept by everyone because of their personalities and their power…but a blanket ban is not IMHO the way to go. In most countries/counties with these bans councils go a little power crazy…and how do you define if the dog is definitely THAT breed. I know that a friend’s dog is often mistaken for a pitbull…but DNA testing shows that there is no pitbull in her…expensive DNA testing…something most people would be unable to avail themselves of should the breed of their dog be called in to question. Blanket banning is a minefield for misuse and heartbreak. Better that there are tighter controls imposed on owners regarding education and control over their dogs.

    • I fully understand what you mean, but there is a list under the law ( the dangerous dogs act ) about 6 breeds of dog, people know about it and they should know the breeds or they can find out, so why would they wish to break the law to get one of these dogs and have a threat hanging over the dogs life, i just don’t understand it.

      • I do agree that to get a dog where a ban is in place is stupid…but what if you don’t believe your dog is one of those breeds…but some idiot council worker insists it is ?? How is that dealt with Harry ?? If you get a dog from the pound for example as a pup…but as it grows it looks like it may have some of a banned breed in it. What happens then ? Is there a % line that if a dog has a small amount in it, it is okay ?? There are just too many variables that can go awry for me with blanket bans…way too many.

    • These dogs cannot be bought from legal dog breeders, you will never ever get one from the pound.
      If someone reports a dog, the police will go and have a look, they might go back with a vet, if its thought it is one its taken away, for two or three vets to inspect, but there have been a lot of dogs set free because they did not have enough of the dangerous dog in them. Plus if a dog is out it must be keep on a lead, if a dog is roaming the streets it can be lifted.

      People might not like it but it works here, i see lots of Rottweilers about and they seem to be good, but i’ll never be near one 🙂

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