Bubble Car photos

These are some of the weird and wonderful cars that could be seen in Briton and at one time they were very popular. They all had motorbike engines to keep the tax and insurance low.

Two or single seater, rear wheel drive, four gears.


The Peel made in the Isle Of Man, only 45 were ever made.


Heinkel Karbine
BMW Isetta
BMW Isetta
Heinkel Trojan
Heinkel Trojan
No name as yet.

No name as yet.

All photos from Yahoo photos.


The Smart Car

photo from flicker


18 responses to “Bubble Car photos

  1. I saw a few of this type on the road when I was in Europe. It’s cool and it’s green…. though we can’t have that in the US. We’re known for our endless freeways.

  2. Must be easy to park, but I wouldn’t want to get into an accident (especially with one of the huge vehicles we drive her in the US). BUt I suppose the little bubble car could always serve as the casket, thus saving even more money… 😉

  3. My friends dad had one, think it was the Isetta. It had a tiny back seat. Remember going to Blackpool lights and standing on the seat with our heads through the sun roof as we went through. wouldn’t get away with that now!

  4. Very interesting Harry and I remember some!
    There are some diddy cars about now arent there? I see them sometimes with adverts for a business all over them. Hairdressers in particular seem to have them here. No idea what make they are.

    Christibe 🙂

  5. Cute, funny little things! I’m gradually getting used to seeing Mini Coopers around here. There are a surprising number of them in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I can’t recall ever seeing a bubble car.

  6. I don’t think I could fit all of me into one of those.

  7. A guy who lived up the road from where I grew up had a few of them. They certainly have character!

  8. Awwwwwwwww so cute Harry…reminds me a little of you

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