Cardinal Keith O’Brien inappropriate behaviour

Another Catholic priest, this time a Cardinal has been reported for inappropriate behaviour towards men or youths in his charge.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Guardian newspaper photo and story.

Three priests and a former priest in Scotland have reported the most senior Catholic clergyman in Britain, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, to the Vatican over allegations of inappropriate behaviour stretching back 30 years. stretching back 30 years.

One of the complainants, it is understood, alleges that the cardinal developed an inappropriate relationship with him, resulting in a need for long-term psychological counselling.

It is understood that the first allegation against the cardinal dates back to 1980. The complainant, who is now married, was then a 20-year-old seminarian at St Andrew’s College, Drygrange, where O’Brien was his “spiritual director”. The Observer understands that the statement claims O’Brien made an inappropriate approach after night prayers.

In a second statement, “Priest A” describes being happily settled in a parish when he claims he was visited by O’Brien and inappropriate contact between the two took place.

“Priest C” was a young priest the cardinal was counselling over personal problems. Priest C’s statement claims that O’Brien used night prayers as an excuse for inappropriate contact.

Those involved believe the cardinal abused his position. “You have to understand,” explains the ex-priest, “the relationship between a bishop and a priest. At your ordination, you take a vow to be obedient to him.

“He’s more than your boss, more than the CEO of your company. He has immense power over you. He can move you, freeze you out, bring you into the fold … he controls every aspect of your life. You can’t just kick him in the balls.”

All four have been reluctant to raise their concerns. They are, though, concerned that the church will ignore their complaints, and want the conclave electing the new pope to be “clean”. According to canon law, no cardinal who is eligible to vote can be prevented from doing so.

What do you think, will this be brushed under the carpet like so many more and be ignored by the Vatican and the new Pope.

22 responses to “Cardinal Keith O’Brien inappropriate behaviour

  1. What a surprise! (Please insert heavy dose of sarcastic tone here.) I think that’s why the pope retired. He wasn’t up to the task of dealing with all these deviant clergy. I know that many priests don’t prey on their parishioners, but shuttling deviant priests to different parishes is terrible. Do they really think that travel = therapy?

  2. I can’t click like to this but it makes my heart sad, my eyes water with anger at what is done to keep face! OH! The Hypocrisy! God forgive them? If it is true I don’t!

  3. Los Angelas Cardinal Roger Mahoney has been accused of covering up for pedophile priests for years. Read about this here:

    Even so, he gets to help choose the new Pope. Outrageous! The Catholic Church needs to clean up its act.

    • I don’t think the news in the states cover these matters enough, there is something on the news to-night about the Vatican ( news flash ) i’ll watch it later.
      The Catholic church and Vatican are corrupt.

  4. When will it end? Only when the whole system finally collapses it seems…

  5. Harry believe me when I tell you the US media is all over this one!

    Any carpet the Vatican /Catholic church has left for sweeping any of this under is as threadbare as cobwebs. They have run out of places to hide. People have been trying to bring down this closet of gay Catholic corruption for years and finally some light appears to be shining at the end of this long, dark miserable tunnel. My heart breaks for all those who suffered under the stigma of sacrifice and sin.

    • Patti thats good news that its not being dropped , i don’t know how he has the nerve to go and vote in the new Pope, its as if he does not give a toss about the people.

  6. Well, as someone o the PinkNews said….’Abstinence makes the church grow fondlers’ I bet that is why that bigoted old Nazi in the Vatican is retiring. He is jumping before being pushed. It’ll all come out. Hypocrisy thy name is Catholicism.

  7. I have long since thought that there is a fundemental problem with expecting a normal healthy human being to abstain from one of his basic human instincts for his entire adult life.

    The common sense approach would be to allow priests to marry and fulfil their normal human needs then I’m sure a great deal of this abuse would disappear..

    Believing in God and serving God shouldn’t mean abstaining from other sides of life.

    • Very true and it has been said before but their heads are stuck in the sand or up their backside, it will never change, after all they can smoke and drink if they wish.

  8. The ones who do this stuff are those who like boys, and little boys okay? Not the straight ones.

    • Yes Ren i agree, but if they were able have female company and able to get married and have a family life there might be less bent ones.

  9. I hope the new pope comes in and kicks some ass

    • He would need to the place is falling apart and lots are leaving the church.

      • yes, I believe Christianity has alot to offer, especially in the value of the individual that is overlooked.

        When the state replaces the church and the state has no conscience then evil reigns.

        But the Church must have integrity. To bad the bishop from Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables isn’t around for the job.

  10. Billgncs the church has no conscience, if it had the the evil paedophile priests would have been expelled and jailed

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