Heart transplant campaign.

Ulster Television is supporting the UK-wide From The Heart campaign to raise awareness about organ donation and the N.H.S Organ Donor Register during Valentine’s week.In a special week of activity on air and online, U.T.V will highlight the shortage of available organs in Northern Ireland and across the UK.type102


The objective is to encourage more people to volunteer to join the Organ Donor Register and to talk to their loved ones about their wishes.

On Wednesday 13 February Dermot O’Leary will be joined by a host of stars and comedians for a one-hour entertainment special

Thirty per cent of adults in Northern Ireland are now registered as potential organ donors.

Click to become a donor     Click to become a donor

The number of people signing up to the N.H.S Organ Donor Register in the region is steadily increasing. However, there are still not enough organs available for transplant.

Around 200 people in Northern Ireland are currently awaiting organ donations, while 15 die each year while waiting. One donor can help up to nine different people.

Read more at U.T.V  Read more at U.T.V.

Key Facts:
•The average wait for a kidney transplant in the UK is 1,168 days. Meanwhile, those waiting for a liver can expect to wait around 142 days and the wait is around 253 days for a new heart or 412 days, on average, for lungs.
•Around 10,000 people in the UK currently need an organ transplant. Every day, around three of them will die waiting.
•Around 200 people are currently awaiting a transplant in Northern Ireland, while 15 die each year.
•Since 1st April 2012, over 1,010 people have donated organs and around 2,590 people have received transplants.
•96% of us would accept an organ if we needed one, but only 31% of us have joined the N.H.S Organ Donor Register.
•One donor can save or transform the lives of up to nine people.
•45% of families say no to donation because they don’t know what their loved one would have wanted. So tell your family you want to be an organ donor – don’t leave them to guess.
•All of the UK´s major faiths including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism support organ donation and transplantation. Anyone who has doubts as to whether their religion or faith allows them to donate is encouraged to seek advice from their local religious leader.

6 responses to “Heart transplant campaign.

  1. Tying it in with Valentine’s day is a really good idea. Fair play to whoever came up with that. And fair play to the Northern Irish for having a 30% donor register rate. I was curious to know the stats for the rest of the UK. It turns out that the Scots are the clear winners with a whopping 37%! Fair play to them too.

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  3. Harry, we have the same problem in the U.S. A lot of people die each year waiting for a transplant. In my state you can designate being an organ donar on your driver’s license.

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