UK aid to other nations.

Britain gives financial aid to eleven plus countries, some of these countries do not need the aid and it should be stopped.

The government are stopping aid to India from 2015 as their own government says they do not need it any more. They spend a lot on the military, they also have a space programme and the economy is growing at 8% a year. the total aid is  £1.12bn up tp 2015.

India and Pakistan do not need aid so instead of sharing  the money it should be brought back into the British vaults to help Briton out of the mess.

Ethiopia will get Total aid 2010-2015: £1.325bn

Pakistan gets aid but there is a widespread corruption in Pakistan’s government, Total aid 2010-2015: £1.392bn

Bangladesh will get Total aid 2010-2015: £1bn

Nigeria will get Total aid 2010-2015: £1bn

Africa regional will get Total aid 2010-2015: £813m

Afghanistan will get Total aid 2010-2015: £710m but again widespread corruption takes place.

Tanzania will get Total aid 2010-2015: £643m

Democratic Republic of the Congo will get Total aid 2010-2015: £790m

Sudan will get Total aid 2010-2015: £560m

7 responses to “UK aid to other nations.

  1. I believe in that age old saying….Charity Begins At Home. But hey..lets pour money into the coffers of corrupt and bigoted countries and goverments that deal in murder and terrorism. We should stop all aid to these people and look after our own.

  2. Meanwhile the British govenment cut services to the elderly and disabled and rob people who have paid their taxes all their lives. We must tighten our belts we are told. I’d like to remove my pigging belt and strangle the B***** bleep bleep.

  3. * sigh * It doesn’t make sense, does it?

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