Poem: The mist- Haiku.


The mist has now descended

Blocking the senses and my thoughts

It will go, when my mind clears.

7 responses to “Poem: The mist- Haiku.

  1. And a happy Haiku to you too Harry…hmmm, when your mind clears?
    Gonna be a long winter, huh? lol
    Bless You Brother

  2. Thanks Paul, our winter snow is over 🙂

  3. Indeed it will.
    We are all alike in this. 🙂

  4. it is lovely Harry…well done, great imagery
    Hate to tell you this but technically it is not a haiku…because it has more than 17 syllables. I know this because I have a couple of poet friends who write a lot of haiku and when I try it they are quite pedantic on what you can and can’t do in a haiku
    This is quite a good site for understanding what is and what isn’t a haiku.
    And if you are interested…go here and read some of Matsu Basho’s haiku…he is generally considered to be one of the masters of the form.

  5. Jo, i’m going to have to look up what syllables are 🙂 i know the lines should be 5-7-5 but sure i’m only pretending to be a poet 🙂

    Thanks for the links and i will go over and have a look.

    • So did you have a look Harry…did it make any sense ?? I think it is [from what I understand] more important to adhere to the 17 syllables than the lines. Did you have a look as Basho’s…man I love his work.

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