China’s abuse of people in tibet

China invaded Tibet many years ago because it was a very small country with no army worth talking about and it was next door to China.

Photo from the Tibet post. Story from the Tibet Post.


Since then they have been responsible for hundreds of deaths and putting many innocent people in jail, there are 831 known political prisoners in Tibet
out of which 360 are known to have been legally convicted by courts and 12 Tibetans are serving life imprisonment term.”

The worst thing that is happening is the monks burning themselves in protest against the Chinese and their rule, they do this both in Tibet and in China.

Tibetans particularly intellectuals have been threatened, denied equality, education, employment, and their citizenship without “declaring loyalty” to mainland China. Most parts of Tibet remain under siege, and sustains near daily assaults, killings, genocide and targeted assassinations.


In many urban areas including Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, military forces and government officials enforce land seizures,home demolitions, displacement, segregation, isolation, closures, movement and travel restrictions, the so-called ‘Western Development Strategy’,daily home invasions, arrests, attacks on peaceful protesters, imprisonments, and torture of detainees under a rigid ‘matrix of control’ involving checkpoints,bypass roads, roadblocks, curfews, electric fences, and various other harassment to cow all Tibetans into submission or make them give up their original identity.

The world does not want to know anything about and they do not protest to China or do anything to help Tibet. Why, because its China the major powers  are afraid of China, afraid to tell them to stop or we will do something, they will do nothing but let this go on, turn a blind eye.


12 responses to “China’s abuse of people in tibet

  1. Harry, thanks for posting about something that is important, but ignored by most of the major countries. I agree with your point about countries being afraid of China, and not doing anything. I recently heard that China has been populating Tibet with Chinese Citizens. If this continues, a unique and special culture may disappear.

    • Thanks Patrick, they are moving thousands into Tibet every year and they will do the same with Hong Kong, there are also 6/7 small islands they are trying to take over, but the other country is standing up up China.

  2. The Chinese record for human rights is abysmal even in their own country. The poor Tibetans are a peace loving people and this is so appallingly cruel and unnescesery. Tibet has a wonderful and unique culture which is in danger of being completely wiped out by these barbarians.

  3. So true, Harry. We in America owe the Chinese so much that we walk on egg shells around them and let them get away with horrible human rights violations. I’m sick to death (awful pun) of hearing gun rights activists chanting “liberty over tyranny” when it comes to their right to own several military assault weapons and ammunition to supposedly protect them from our government when China is tromping on liberty and they don’t care or even know about it.

    • Your right Lorna, if it was not for China, America would be bankrupt.

      The people who are shouting “liberty over tyranny” might be the first to run if the Chinese invaded the states

      • Or they would haul out their assault weapons and watch their bullets bounce off of tanks and drones. Do they think they would be firing at ground troops? I mean, haven’t they a clue about how wars are fought these days?

  4. Twice in the last decade the Dalai Lama was in NZ and our PM’s backed away from meeting him officially because of pressure from China…it is a shameful state of affairs and the world’s governments who say nothing because they have dealings with China should be ashamed

  5. A very good and strong post. Oddly I just finished reading a Jack Higgins novel about Chinese occupation of Tibet (year of the tiger?) and I wondered what the current status quo was. Now I know 😦

  6. Countries are afraid of the population, lol. Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. Seriously, people should not buy anything made in China. That’s all. they make their products so dirt cheap it’s almost laughable. And we buy them. Turns into economic power. Just follow the money then.

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