Jimmy Savile – Sex abuse.

Jimmy Savile was an icon to the British public loved by people of all ages, he worked as a DJ on the BBC, was on “Top of the Pops” for years and indeed he did the last ever program.


He also had a television program called “Jim’ll Fix It program ” where he helped children fulfill their wishes.

Read the report here at Yahoo News.

But he was best known for his charity work raising tens of millions of pounds  for many hospitals all around Briton but mostly in London. He died in 2011 and since then a scandal has started about his life of sex abuse.

Unknown to everyone who new him he started molesting children in 1955, 50 years he was at it and his abuse peaked between 1966 and 1976 when he was aged between 40 and 50.

The victims included 28 children aged under 10, including 10 boys aged as young as eight. A further 63 were girls aged between 13 and 16 and nearly three quarters of his victims were under 18. Some 214 criminal offences have been recorded across 28 police forces and 34 rapes have been reported.

Police said the attacks took place over 54 years – the earliest in Manchester in 1955 – and in 14 locations, including hospitals and a hospice, where he was accused of sexually touching a patient aged between 13 and 16.

Some of the girls reported the crime at the time but he was held in such high regard that people and the police did not believe them. To date there are 214 sex crimes from one man and it looks like there could be more to come.

From a much loved person to a pedophile in one year.



21 responses to “Jimmy Savile – Sex abuse.

  1. What a story. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks hook, there are new things coming out every week about him.
      There are also 5/6 other stars arrested but not involved with him.

      Thanks for your visit i think its your first time here 🙂

  2. that’s what they do, charm everyone and groom the children, then no one will believe, and that’s why most of us don’t speak up. i spoke up and wasn’t believed.

  3. Harry I wasnt at all surprised when all this came out.

    He used to hang out at the coffee bar near my school and was always surrounded by a crowd if young girls. I always found him extremely creepy. In the summer he would sit outside the coffee bar in swimming trunks! I wanted to slap sense into those girls. What he was stood out a mile to me and my friends, but who could argue that at the time?! Nobody would have taken a bit of notice.

    I wish he was here to get his coneuppance. It just doesnt seem right that he got away with all this.


  4. I NEVER liked the man. I read years ago that he had ‘heavies’ around him and working for him. But..I never guessed how vile his crimes actually were. What a front..be a do-gooder and get the guilable public to like you and BINGO. You have an excelent cover. Filthy slime ball.

  5. Er, I didn’t like him actually. In fact the only thing I knew about his charity work was when he worked as a porter at LGI (Leeds). Although later I learned he did work for Stoke Mandeville.

    Either way, I thought he was sleaze personified. You can’t libel the dead, so he’ll never be able to defend himself against the accusations.

    If only society would stop with the celebrity worship. This just shows it isn’t even anything new 😦

    Needless to state I wrote about it a while back!


  6. We had a similar case here in the states, with college football (American football) coach who did a lot of charity work with at-risk kids.He even founded his own charity, then used it to find victims. He was tried and found guilty, and is now in prison, his case is on appeal. I see lots of kids who have been abused….it is very sad and life-altering.

  7. I always thought he was a sleaze-bag, he gave me the creeps. It’s just a shame it took so long for the truth to come out, especially as he’s not here to face the consequences of his vile life. I feel sorry for his victims; it’s something they will never really get over.

  8. Horrible if the accusations are true.

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