Mother kills seven-year-old Son

Mother Sentenced To 17 Years For Son’s Murder.


Muslim mother Sara Ege, 33 was sentence to life in prison with the minimum sentence of 17 years for beating her son to death and then burning his body to hide the evidence.

The reason for the killing was that Yaseen at the age of seven  was for failing to learn the Koran by heart. A child could not learn the Koran at that age never mind trying to learn his school work, but apparently learning the Koran comes first.

For the full story Yahoo News

The court heard she treated Yaseen like a “dog” and repeatedly beat him with a stick for failing to memorise religious texts quickly enough.

The schoolboy had suffered multiple injuries to his body and died in July 2010 from internal injuries caused by three months of punishing beatings.

Ege set fire to the family house to hide her actions and played the part of a parent mourning the tragic death of her son until it was discovered in a post-mortem that Yaseen had been dead before the blaze started.

It seems to me that Muslims treat their children like dirt, expect to much from them and when they rebel or can’t do what is wanted they are murdered or maimed .

Briton needs to give out stiffer sentence’s to teach them that they cannot live in Briton as they did in their old country.


20 responses to “Mother kills seven-year-old Son

  1. Poor little soul. What a wretched life for a child. Yes, they should be severely punished for crimes of this nature and I’m surprised really that the victim was a boy. It is usually girls who are abused and treated like this. I remember sharing a student house with a girl from India and she spoke about the murder of baby girls as though it was the norm. Horrible.

  2. Er so why did the father get off scot free?

    I don’t buy this. Same old story where bad mother gets victimised, father walks away, he’s accused of domestic violence, she suffers depression, and she pays the price.

    If she was a devoted and loving mother, why is she in jail and the father was cleared of all charge? He didn’t see what was going on? Too busy at the mosque? Or driving the taxi? The judge accepted that she was a devoted and loving mother and, there was a history of domestic violence seven years before the child was killed.

    Yes, it’s an appalling death for a child. But how much of the story has really come out? There is as much blatant abuse of a woman in this story as there is of matricide. But no punishment for the man?

  3. Send em back that’s what I say.

  4. A total disrespect to life. Hypocritical seeing as it’s a ‘peaceful’ religion. Unbelievable but true. Following up on what Jesselansel had said with the baby girls, that’s why they’ve stopped ultrasounds for pregnant women, or at least that’s what I’ve last heard.

  5. Poor little soul, sounds like he has suffered abuse all his little short life.
    My question is, what role does the father have in this tragedy? Surely he knew what the mother was doing? I think there is more to this story than meets the eye.

  6. Hi,

    To clarify, there are many kinds of Muslims, Christians, Jewish and other religious people out there. As a Muslim myself, I also do not approve her outrageous behavior towards her son just cuz he didn’t learn the Quran “quick enough”.
    Now, I do admit there are some Muslim countries that take Islam at a whole different cruel level like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Therefor, there are many times where they misinterpret the whole purpose of Islam to teaching kids this nonexistent rule that you have to be punished as extreme as possible to learn from your mistakes. Now Im not a Muslim scholar, but I do know that this mother’s way of being a “Muslim” towards her child is not acceptable in Islam. In fact, it is a downright sin. Forcing your religious beliefs and rituals is in itself a sin too let alone the different extremes of punishments. The major factor or influence as a Muslim that I get stereotyped for being a hypocrite, a murderer, and a terrorist is media. If it was a regular Christian person who did the same murder then he/she would be judged on the behavior, but if the person was Muslim, people judge the person on his religion, which I think is just plain stupid and ridiculous. This is just like how black people are associated with being part of a gang and violent crimes just cuz of the color of their skin. So, although what this mother did was cruel and beyond unacceptable in humanity, that doesn’t make it right to generalize her behavior as the “Muslim” way just cuz people are ignorant enough to believe what the media broadcasts about Muslims.

    • Hi Loco, i agree with your comment, that might surprise you 🙂

      But the people who are in Briton (Muslims ) who are doing all these killings to members of their family are first generation still set in their old countries ways, still using the old laws and they influence the young.

      They are not judged because of their faith, in yesterdays headlines there four murders of children by parents they all got life sentences, its just the fact that they still live under old laws, not suitable to a civilized country.

      I know the Muslim religion is peaceful, i have heard it said many times, but when people go to live in a new country have must respect that countries laws / rules etc.

      If you or i went to live in a different country we would have to abide by their laws, not make up our own.

  7. This is not balanced at all. What of the many Christians patents who murder their children? The RC priests who rape choir boys? The Wests ring a bell at all?

    I suggest this woman had problems unrelated to her religion.

  8. The point here is why the boy was killed….. he couldn’t learn the Quran. I have not heard of any Christian who killed his/her child because he couldn’t memorize or learn the Bible by heart. Oh, well, each to his her own beliefs. I’m just sad for the little boy.

  9. Harry, in Cleveland where I grew up it was not uncommon for daughters to be killed “Honor Killing” by the family for becoming too westernized.

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