Poem: The King

I am the king

so handsome

and strong

my main is a warning

feared by many

loved by few

I rule my domain

with a heavy hand

do no trespass

or bother me

i don’t want trouble

but i can give a lot

my family loves me

and provides my food

and in return

i give them protection

i have a short life

but we will live on.

Long live the king.


Also posted on Poets Corner

4 responses to “Poem: The King

  1. Lovely, Harry. I would say lions are one of my most favourite animals but I might be a little biased because of Harry Potter and Gryffindor. One thing that irks me every now and then is that many people often mistake them for the king of the jungle when that tile goes to the tiger and when they are actually kings of the savannahs.

    You’ve been awarded with The Blog of 2012 Award and I’ve also nominated Poets’ Corner. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Devina for the awards i’ll add a star to each.

    I think they are king because they are so big and beautiful.

  3. Charming Harry!
    Inspires me to feel even more protective of this most beautifully magnificent critter.

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