School Shooting in America


Yet another mass shooting in America of innocent people, the second shooting in one week. This one is the second worst shooting in America’s history 27 dead and a few injured, but the worst ever mass school shooting.

It took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut.  A total of 20 children the headmaster and other adults, the shooter killed himself, he was named as 20 year old Ryan Lanza.

CBS news is reporting that a body has been found at an address linked to the gunman. It is understood the dead person was his father who was a teacher.  He then went to the school and shot his Mother dead, she was a teacher there. He also shot his brother dead and his other brother was found at the crime scene.

There are reports that he used a .223-caliber rifle.

How many more ? It’s about time America addressed this once and for all, never mind the gun lobby or  Second Amendment Foundation, they are not the one’s who are dying, they are just interested  in selling guns and making their vast profits.

The second amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. They needed this law back then when America was a lawless country ( the wild west ), but now people are supposed to be civilized there is no need for people to own guns all of all types right up to assault rifles. What person would need one and for what purpose other than to kill.

I hope the President starts repelling the gun law, to stop people owning guns, and also has a 3 month amnesty so that people can hand guns to the police to be destroyed. This means anyone found with a gun  can go to jail and will bring a lot of shootings and gangland trouble to an end.

But i do not hold out any hope for the American people on this matter and there will be many, many more dead children over the years, because it is America’s big business, gun lobby, etc that runs America.


32 responses to “School Shooting in America

  1. It’s so sad to see, yet again, another shooting at a school and so much loss of innocent lives.
    America needs to change their gun laws as you say, but I can’t see it happening.

  2. Poor little souls. What did they ever do to deserve that.

    Sleep peacefully little ones.

  3. I’m sick and tired of this crap happening. America should really get more things done and less time arguing and getting nowhere (I haven’t really heard of the outcome of that recently revived gun law argument, I take it as nothing came of it).
    These people had done nothing wrong but they ended up cold on pavement, the children shattered me. I don’t know what else to say Harry, i can only pray.

  4. Oh God, it’s a nightmare. I just found out about this from you, Harry. I’ve been writing all day and didn’t have the news on. Now CNN is going over it all — for the umpteenth time, I’m sure.

    What makes a human being go so far off the deep end as to want to kill little children? It’s beyond understanding.

    • At least i gave out news to someone Lyn.
      All the major channels are covering this story since it happen, no one will find out because he took the cowards way out.

  5. Blame the Republican Party and their NRA cohorts, the supposedly God-fearing party, who even believe rape is something God intends to happen. I’m furious.

  6. this is just so sad but do you think a gun law would stop those who don’t care about the law from owing them or doing such things? this person obviously didn’t care about himself or anyone anymore.

    • The last shooting in Britain about 4/5 years ago the Gov; changed the law in about four months. Here in Northern Ireland we had two amnesty’s so that people could hand guns in there are lot given it, then they had two amnesty’s for knives there were thousands handed in, so it does help to get weapons out of the public hands.

  7. As an American, I can tell you with certainty that there will never be an all-out ban on guns here. It would never pass, and the public would go crazy…..they love their guns here.
    I am sick over the whole thing. I work in the court system and can tell you that our mental health system is very messed up. Combine that fact with the guns….and voila!—-mass shootings.
    I would move to Europe in a second…..your societal attitude toward guns is just one of the reasons.

    • People do not need to have a gun, but the excuse is the second amendment and self protection.
      99.99% of people will never ever be shot at, no-one needs an automatic rifle.
      The president will never serve again, so why not push a law banning all guns but handguns, for a start.

  8. Your facts are incorrect, Harry. I appreciate your passion, but, I cannot appreciate the need to preach the wrong information. Wait until things are better known before you post is my suggestion.

    I don’t agree with our situation regarding guns, and, the murder of innocent children (the shooter killed his mother at home, then, went to her school and killed the children. No reason is being given right now.)

    At this moment, rather than rattle my sword over the guns, I’m going to mourn these babies. Maybe we all should focus on that for a bit, don’t you think?

    • HI Eddie, the news was still coming when i was writing the post but i did say the mum was shoot at school. i do mourn for the total amount killed and a few people who went to the same school as the shooter say he seemed to be a stable person.

      All you can do is wait and see what is going to be done about weapons.

  9. The numbers of dead at that school is about the same as the usual daily tally of shooting deaths in the USA. Big egos inside little personalities – guns are a drug for that psyche. How much worse can it get before it is halted?

    • Welcome Harry, you are right, the average daily shootings in America is 30.
      But about 50% are suicides, the remainder are gang related and police shootings.
      The number of mass shootings seem to be going up year on year.

  10. What I find hard to understand is..why did a kindergarten teacher own such an arsenal of weapons. Because as I understand it, they belonged to the shooters mother.

  11. Hello harry. It is a great to know that our partners in this world agree with many of us here in America. Though we will never out law the right to own a gun we desperately need to modify our amendments yet again What is the purpose of assault rifle doing in a home for God’s sakes? Did they hunt animals with it? The great excuse,, guns are needed for the sport of hunting animals.

    As my soapbox platform on gun control in my country is partly about the National Rifle Association lobbyists who bring great amounts of monies and favors to our House of Reps & Senate. You can bet that those politicians back pockets are being fed to vote with NRA measures & bills to protect.
    We have along way to go before we even begin healing.

    Thanks so much Harry for the platform here to vent I am most grateful ~ BB

  12. I have always said big business and the NRA run America not the GOV; its about time someone started a movement to change the law to get rid of guns.
    The ordinary person has no need for a gun, yet they may have two or three.

  13. Harry I visited your site but do not agree with your views. The information is in correct the mother was shot in her home. the guns belonged to his mom.

    • Thanks mhdriver for calling in, as i said in other comments the first reports that came in said she was shot at school where she worked and i also said that the guns did belong to her.

      Its a sad business, so many young kids wiped out for no reason.

  14. I wrote about this too. Not because I had read the news, but I had read a couple of interesting blogs about it – I’d missed your post due to WP’s extremely useless reader.

    I came to the same conclusions as you. It’s hardly difficult is it?

    But I don’t think we can comprehend the culture of many Americans, and that’s before you even get into the financial/big business aspects. It’s easy for me to say, people don’t need guns, I mean they have some covert carrying licence so that you can skip off to walmart with gun in pocket!! just in case some whacko decides to shoot at you. They’re living in the wild west.

    I did get a comment from one American who said poor people need guns to shoot animals to eat. Um, poor people need help from the state, better education, and to learn how to live on cheap food eg rice, pasta, lentils blah blah. I’m just shaking my head at the whole gun mentality thing from a ‘civilised’ nation that leads the world.

    • I agree with everything you say. I’m in a post on an American blog and its unbelievable the things they are saying, they just cannot get it into their heads that you don’t need guns, i think its an inbreed thing,

      Two policemen shot today because someone had a gun, what do they expect.

  15. Since Australia banned guns they have had no mass shootings.

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