Australian DJs suspended after nurse’s death

Are these two Australian radio presenters responsible for the suicide of a British nurse at the King Edward VII  hospital where Kate was staying.


Source and photo from Yahoo news

The two Australian radio presenters who made the hoax call to the King Edward VII private hospital have both deleted their Twitter accounts and been suspended by the radio station in the wake of the death of Jacintha Saldanha.

The nurse Jacintha Saldanha received their hoax call and passed it on the the hospital ward where Kate was because she thought it was genuine.

Mel Greig and Michael Christian, hosts of 2DayFM’s ‘Hot 30 Countdown’ evening show, were the DJs who made the prank call to the hospital two days ago, where they pretended to be the Queen and Prince Charles.

The station gained huge publicity from the stunt, while the pair described the incident as ‘the easiest prank call ever made’ shortly afterwards.

The prank call infuriated hospital bosses however, who threatened legal action.

Ms Greig had also retweeted messages with the #royalprank hashtag to her 9,000 followers hours before her account was shut down.

Today both Greig and Christian had deleted their accounts on Twitter.


32 responses to “Australian DJs suspended after nurse’s death

  1. I think if the nurse committed suicide over the prank call of this nature she had mental issues. The BBC well over reacted. I think the prank call made by Jonathon Ross and his side kick when they left a message on some elderly gents answerphone saying can’t remember his name now (but he is the twit with long hair) had sex with his granddaughter was in poor taste and was far worse. Did the granddaughter commit suicide no…

    We listened to the prank call on You Tube and it was hilarious!

    • Yes PIP, it was funny, but these sort of people need to get a life, things like that can do untold damage the nurse had worked there for a long time and if they thought she had problems they would look into it and helped her so she must have been ok.

      As for Ross and the other idiot they phoned actor Andrew Sachs who is very stable and his grand-daughter did not worry because she new the truth.

      The bottom line is they were wrong to do it because they caused trouble.

  2. Mixed feelings on this news just just said death was no suspicious circumstances ;;)

  3. If she killed herself, then why? There was something wrong with her. That wasn’t normal. Sorry, but that’s what I think.

  4. I also find it sad that the fact someone took their life appears to be brushed off as unimportant, with excuses being offered that the prank was harmless. Since there is a victim, obviously it wasn’t harmless.

  5. Playing a prank on someone can be quite funny, but it all depends on the recipient of the prank – in this case, it had tragic consequences.
    I believe the radio station has been temporarily shut down.

  6. Pranks often backfire. In this case a dreadful tragedy has occurred.

    Apart from anything else Catherine and William were entitled to their privacy and as such the prank was in appalling taste.

    I hope these two presenters now realise that a short-term laugh at the expense of others is not worth it in the long run.

    • I think them and many others have learnt a lesson from this.

      • I think if people asked themselves “How would I feel if this was done to me?” before they started these pranks then perhaps we would be spared some of the more vicious things that happen

        But then that applies to so many things in life

  7. There’s more to this than meets the eye Harry

  8. I must agree with gingerfightback – there’s way more to this than meets the eye! I even went to read a few more reports and there is really nothing about the details of the alleged suicide – perhaps it is itself a prank to get back at the DJ’s and the radio station… pretty sorry state of affairs, no matter the truth!!

  9. We play with peoples lives and feelings that we have no idea what their history or belief systems are and it’s likely it will back fire in one way or another. Not being a fan of pranks like this I will admit I am bias.

    The truly sad thing is the nurse’s family will forever have this darkness shadowing their loved one’s death, if not life. My feeling is we should not think any of this is funny or harmless.
    There is also a woman involved carrying a child, what does this do to her emotionally?
    Not very well thought out plan in my mind,

    • They never thought about a hospitalized pregnant woman never mind who she is, they just wanted their names in the papers, and boy, did they do that.

  10. I think its bollocks too be honest, who says they’re responsible for the nurses suicide? The nurse took her own life, a total over reaction if you ask me on the nurses part. Whose to say she wasn’t planning on killing herself before all this happened?

    It’s alright saying the hospital says there was no problem with her before hand, how the fuck do they know? People keep their problems to themselves all the time. I feel sorry for the presenters, had they made the call and another nurse answered they’d have been absolutely fine.

    Anyone that commits suicide over a trivial matter like this is obviously not fine.

  11. I understand what you say and your felling about the subject, but at the end of the day, they had no need to make the call.
    What was the point what did they hope to gain from it, a few cheap headlines for a day, thats about all.
    Now a family has no wife or mother.

  12. Sorry Harry…but I do not think their call killed the nurse. She must have had other issues. I find it sad that these guys are the subject of a witchhunt. Yes prank calls can be annoying, sometimes hurtful but they have happened all over the world forever. Had the nurse not died when she did it would have been seen as nothing. Even Prince Charles made a joke about it before this all happened. The people who should be held accountable are 1) The Hospital…these DJs should never have gotten through in the first place. Where was their security ? And where was the support for a staff member who was in a state to contemplate and carry through killing herself ? And 2) The radio station bosses who push for the DJs to do this sort of thing. All this nurse did was put the call through to the area Kate was in. It was the other nurse who gave out all the details and she hasn’t topped herself over it. So I find it hard to believe the call had anything to do with her suicide. Instead of making it worse why can’t everyone wait until ALL the facts are known ?? Those kids have no mother and the husband has no wife because she took her life for reasons we do not yet know about [and may never know] – HER decision to leave her family – NOT because of a prank call. I am sorry but I do not sympathise with adults who kill themselves. It is taking the cowards way out and leaving your family to deal with the aftermarth of devastion and guilt. I’ve seen first hand the results suicide has on people left behind. And the people who take their lives are responsible for that devastion. They can’t cope so they leave it to the ones who loved them to do all the coping. It is cruel and thoughtless.

  13. Suicide must be a selfish act, i only knew one man who did it.
    The radio station bosses give the ok but should have said no maybe she would still be alive, they rang the hospital at 5am when there was a skeleton staff on and that type of hospital would not have security as we know it, public relations dept is what they have. The station bosses never called to clear the call beforehand so thats a lie on their part.

    I hope this tragedy stops this kind of thing again.

  14. Hi Harry
    Missed this one of yours (no idea why). I wrote a similar post, with similar views to yours. I don’t blame the two ‘presenters’ for Ms Saldanha’s suicide but I do deplore appalling so-called ‘journalism’. And re Jo’s comment, these calls have NOT happened forever. As I’ve said (again, like you) on my blog, any call like that should go straight to PR (and yes we do give out our home ‘phone numbers and get up in the middle of the night), chief exec, or another nominated director.

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