Are you the perfect woman ?

Are you the perfect woman, un-touched, not worked on by surgeons or have you had any of the items listed below done to you to improve your looks.

Tummy tuck.
Arm lift.
Thigh lift.
Breast up-lift.
Breast enlargement.
Breast reduction.
Nose reshaping.
Eye bags removed.
Ear reshaping.
Face lift.
Brow lift.
cheek implants.
Chin implants.
Neck lift
Eyelids lifted.
Skin resurfacing.
Thread veins removed.
Cosmetic teeth whitening.


Or do you just use any of the following.

False nails.

False eye lashs.

Fake tan.


Or maybe your a woman who just sticks to the basic requirements to make yourself look good ?


17 responses to “Are you the perfect woman ?

  1. None of the above for me 🙂

  2. Even my nails are mine!

  3. A lot of men are starting to do these things, too. Maybe not the false nails yet, though!

  4. Every wrinkly, droopy part is all me.

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