Reblogged this post to try and stop this law coming to effect.

Defying Leviticus.

Uganda is to introduce a law which will make homosexuality a capital offence by the end of the year despite international criticism. .

See Here

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (below) said that this was a ‘Christmas gift’ to the populace, the majority of who, it seems welcome the passing of the bill.


So, another country regresses by several decades and joins Iran and other such countries by introducing this barbaric law and executing its homosexual citizens.
Should we refuse all aid to Uganda? Or will this make things worse for the gay men and women who will really need our help. Should the world turn its back on this country. What, if anything can be done for those people who will be desperate to escape after the law is passed.
It makes me want to weep with anger and despair; but that will not help them.

Please will you…

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  1. Is this not disgusting? I commented on Jessie’s. But I don’t think threats of withdrawing UK aid is the right way to go either (which I have read elsewhere).

    • I agree the aid to stay which i read as well, I saw your comment there.

      But if these countries move to Sharia law all aid to all those countries should stop, some of Egypt’s people are asking parliament to change to Sharia law, watch this space.

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