American election was undemocratic

This might be a controversial post for a few people, but if they cannot read the truth, so beit. I am only posting about what i have read and listened to.

How can America expect and insist that other countries conduct their elections fairly, freely and according to the rules of democracy, when the  latest USA elections was undemocratic and very badly organized.

Why do i say this, well read on.

Each candidate will spend $1 billion to get elected but its not their own money. The vast majority comes from corporations, who back both candidates, meaning no matter who wins they are obliged to the corporations who will be looking favors or no legislation done that will harm them.

During the election foreign observers were threatened to stay away or they would be put under arrest.

In some states.

The on line voting was deemed not to be safe.

You were not required to have any I.D.

You voted for a candidate the PC changed it to the other candidate.

On Tuesday morning the army installed emergency polling stations, bit late.

You have to say, at the time of voting, who you voted for.

Voting delays, office not open or had to close for a few hours.

Scanners not working properly.

Officials could not find the peoples voting cards.

Third party candidates did not appear on the ballots.

Third party candidates given no air time to debate on TV.

There must be an ulterior motive here to give the electorate the illusion of choice or that they have no choice at all.

A country like America should be able to run an election with out any problems of any sort, i wonder if it will be sorted by 2016, don’t bet money on it.

9 responses to “American election was undemocratic

  1. Harry I don’t think it’s controversial to put out here what you have read. But when I voted I can say that I did not experience any of these problems. I most certainly did not have to tell anyone who I voted for. Even though the polls were full and crowded everyone was patient, pleasant, and excited to be voting. Many people did have to wait for long periods of time to vote. That’s a good thing. I would rather see crowded polling stations then empty ones. People were being urged to go vote, if they arrived before the polls closed they would be allowed to vote even if they were still in line when the poll closed. Accommodations were made to accept early voting, and “absentee voting”.

    The thing that does gall me most, is the insane amount of money that goes in to the campaigns.

  2. It is insane, in Britain they have a limit to what they can spend which keeps it clean and to the point.
    That’s why i started ” in some states ” but its a shame they cannot get it right.

    Why do they allow people to vote one or two days before the election ?

  3. I think the voting early started with absenteeism voting. People who would not physically be in their home state, or near their voting site could apply to vote by absenteeism voting. We have specific places we each have to vote, and if you are going to be out of town on vacation or for work, you wouldn’t be allowed to vote. To be quite honest, I’m not sure how the general early voting came to be. But I’m glad for it. Far too many times I could not vote because the voting days fell on days I worked AND went to school and could not get to my polling site on time.

    I strongly agree with the limit on spending in campaigns. It feels obscene to me, that so much money was spent on this campaign.

  4. Yes, we spend way too much money on political campaigning and only the rich have a shot at a political seat. That’s not fair. Neither is it fair that no attention was given to 3rd party candidates in the media or in the debates.

    As for voting day itself, all went smoothly for me, as well. My privacy was protected and there were no problems in any precinct in my area. I can’t speak about other areas of the country–it’s a big one, you know!

    People on the “losing” side of an election will often claim “foul!” It may be true, but then again, it may be sour grapes. This is a country filled with humans and humans generally don’t like to lose.

    What I find fascinating is that, in a democracy (and that’s what we’re supposed to have) we should ALL understand that once the election is over, it’s time to rally together and move forward–not for the “losers” to plot the demise of the “winners.” It’s not gang warfare…or at least it shouldn’t be.

    • Thanks Lorna, my facts were found while the election was going on during the night.
      Your right about winners and losers working together to try and fix Americas debt, now at $ 17 trillion and climbing.
      But it did not happen in the past four years and will not in these four years coming in. The house of reps did everything they could to stop or hold back changes Barack wanted to make.

  5. Well said Harry – but i am sure you are aware of the phrase vote early vote often!

  6. I’m with you on many of your points Harry. I’m just glad it’s all over.

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