Young drivers banned at night

Brition is thinking of banning young drivers under 24 from driving at night between the hours of 11pm and 4am.

They will also be baned from carring passengers for the first six months after their test.

The British Insurance companies want this brought in and made a law to cut down on the amount of deaths and claims.

More at the the and the B.B.C

Banning newly qualified young drivers from night-time motoring, drinking any alcohol or carrying passengers of a similar age could save 200 lives a year and lead to 1,700 fewer injuries, according to researchers.

Similar schemes already exist in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and parts of the US. One in five new drivers in the UK crash within six months of passing their test and young drivers are 10 times more likely to be involved in accidents.

One in eight driving licence-holders are aged 25 or under, yet a third of those killed on the roads are aged under 25.

27% of motor personal injury insurance claims over £500,000 result from a crash involving a driver aged 17-24.

These measures for those aged 17-24 could save more than 200 lives and result in 1,700 fewer serious injuries each year.

Please let me know your thoughts on this matter, are you in favour or against it.

20 responses to “Young drivers banned at night

  1. I have no clue, but if research says it is for the best, then I suppose it is. I do wonder if very old people drive safer… 🙂

  2. I don’t agree with it Harry…and we do not have that here in New Zealand. Yes it is a problem…but what needs to happen is to make driving tests more stringent and be tougher on driving offences. You can’t ban them during certain hours…that is crazy and shutting the barn door after the hors has bolted. Make them better drivers to begin with is what I say,

    • They are making the driving tests more stringent as well, its all to stop deaths.
      My 17 YO grand-daughter went through a red light and hit a car, what was she doing, talking on her bloody phone.

      • I think they need to up the age they can get a license…and we do have it here that for one year they can’t have anyone in their car who doesn’t have a full license. I think those are good measures…but I see way older drivers doing just as stupid stuff at times. They also need to make it harder to get a license. When I lived in Holland you had to have proper instructors and they were the ones who said you could apply for the test…not just because you reach a certain age. And they should make defensive driving a requisite. Firstly young people love learning that sort of stuff…how to control a car in a spin etc…and kids I’ve seen here who do those sorts of courses seem to take driving more seriously all round.

  3. Oh and Australia doesn’t have any sort of similar scheme either.

  4. Sounds like they have data to back up their claim that these measures would save lives. But it seems that targeting just young drivers is unfair.

    Older drivers have their own challenges that put themselves and other drivers at risk. What are the statistics for drivers over 65 or 70?

    And to say that many older people are perfectly safe drivers is a fine and accurate statement; so is saying that many younger drivers take their responsibility behind the wheel seriously.

    You find good and bad drivers in all age groups.

    • An older driver has to undergo medical tests to keep driving if they take an illness, and when you reach eighty i think you have one every year.

  5. Our Adventure in Croatia

    seems like a lot of young drivers (not just in the UK) crash their cars at night after coming out of clubs or when out with mates. Some with fatal consequences. So maybe is a good thing for everybody’s safety

  6. JO, All drivers take a coarse with a driving instructor and when they feel they are ready then they take the test.
    They are restricted to 40mph for one year.
    The trouble is, they have never been on a motorway, never driven at night and never been own their own.

  7. That law will definitely cut into the “social lives” of certain irresponsible youngsters . But what about the responsible young adults (under 24) who work graveyard shift? Or those taking night school? In the states some classes don’t get out until 10pm … that gives them an hour to get home I suppose. I’m not against saving lives …

  8. Hmm…so the insurance companies are the ones suggesting this? And the guy from AA is arguing against it? Smells fishy to me. The insurance companies are probably forced to insure young drivers through age discrimination laws, and would be keen to not have to pay out for their frequent prangs as new drivers. This would make it in their interests to exaggerate the possible positive outcomes of such a rule. Call me cynical if you will, but I’ll hold my opinion until I hear from a more independent source!

  9. I’ve not heard of this Harry. If research says that many lives would be saved, I suppose we have to take that seriously, but instinctively, I think by 24 at least, people are flirting with common sense

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