My lost hearing ( part 2 )

I got my new hearing aid after only four weeks, which i think was excellent service for the N.H.S.

The doctor showed me how it works and how to fit it in. Then he set the hearing aid by computer with to programs, one for normal use and one for crowded rooms.

See here for part one.

Its so small people do not notice it, or else maybe they just don’t say. But i can hear sounds now that i have missed for years and did not realize they were gone.

I also got a six months supply of batteries which they will replace when finished. Also little bits at the end called ( wax protectors ) they can be replaced if the aid fails to work.

I would advise anyone who has a hearing problem to go along and get a test, it only takes about 15 minutes, and you will hear the benefits of getting a hearing aid.

16 responses to “My lost hearing ( part 2 )

  1. Good advice, Harry. I’m quite sure I need hearing aids, and my husband does too. It seems like the health problems just keep piling up as we age.

  2. “Hey” to you too, buckwheatsrisk. Very nice to meet you.

  3. Lance, ginger, buck wheat, go get your hearing tested 🙂

  4. love mine one… if I don’t wish to be bothered I just remove the mic from my ear… feels very NCIS’ish!

  5. I’m so glad you got this sorted out Harry. My mum just got one and although it’s taken a little bit of getting used to it’s changed her life so much.

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