12-Week Abortion Limit

A few British politicians are suggesting that the legal limit for abortions should be dropped from 24 weeks down to 12 weeks.

Other politicians are asking that it be reduced down to 20 weeks which i think would be far better, as long as both have built in safe guards .

Their reason seems to be that some 90% are done before 12 weeks, but some birth defects cannot be picked up until later, and a  12-week limit would effectively prevent testing for conditions such as Down’s syndrome.

They should put a clause in for that reason and also some woman don’t know they are pregnant until much later in the 9 month term.


The next link is for 20 weeks.


5 responses to “12-Week Abortion Limit

  1. Hunt was talking for effect. He was probably told by Murdoch to say this!

  2. My mothers still asking for an abortion.

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