An Islamic world.

This is how i see the world in the far of future, an Islamic Fundamentalist world.
Their population is growing three or four quicker than the Christian population so therefore they will dominate all countries, taking over completely.
Imagine a world where you never went to school to learn
no books or news papers with TV, computers, etc banned
no internet maybe no telephones, no sports played
no cinemas, cafes, pubs, dances, theatres, discos, all art and statues destroyed.
Your home devoid of any pictures, ornaments, luxury goods, music, TV,  radio this could and i think will be the future.Woman banned from working and driving also from going out unless with their husbands, and having to follow a strict dress code. If a woman speaks alone to another man she can be stoned to death for adultery.If a woman is raped she is stoned to death for committing adultery.

Major companies making all sorts of goods people need closed down, because they were deemed luxury and not needed for general life.

Electric, petrol, airlines, telephone, manufacturing companies all coming to a stand still and closing down, because they had no trained staff and experts,  or money to keep them  going.

These are my thoughts for the following reason.

Islamic Fundamentalists are Muslims  who believe that The Qur’an should be used as a guide to take over the world in the name of  Islam. Islamic Fundamentalists want a world where they rule and run the following.

1. Islamic political systems
2. Islamic legal systems
3. Islamic economic systems
3. Islamic social values systems

They want a world run by Sharia law, were people can be beheaded or maimed for very little reason. If you are found trying to teach a son or daughter, you could be killed and they could loose their hands.

Islamic Fundamentalists are Muslims who want one thing. World Power. World Dominance and everything that comes with it.

Basically an Islamic Fundamentalist is a Muslim that has lived in the stone-age all their life and is now suffering for it, but now wants to control the world even though they barely know how to control a sheep herd.

Islamic Fundamentalists want to bring the world back into a stone-age way where instead of governments running the world, the Islamic Faith will.

17 responses to “An Islamic world.

  1. Good times! Haha!

  2. With so many things going on in the world, especially in the Middle east, I’d rather keep mum. (^____^)

    All I want to happen is, let them be. Let them live in their own world, their own values.

    It will be peaceful for everyone this way.

  3. I agree with you Ren, Let them live in their own world, but they will not do that 🙂

  4. Oh my. Well. I have to plead ignorance on most (likely ALL) things Islamic. Just as I am sure many Islam/Muslim folks don’t know much about me, my faith, and how I live. And that’s okay, the not knowing. I have nothing against anyone who is not like me. And I like the idea that we are NOT all the same, and the idea of everyone living peacefully in their worlds. Since you are playing devil’s advocate so shall I, I am sure that not all Muslims/Islam are like those being portrayed across the world right now. For all of the people rioting right now, I wonder how many have a clear understanding of what, exactly, they are rioting against. Because there are a lot of people in those countries who are NOT rioting, even if they are offended.

    By the way, I’m not particularly fond of those laws.
    I shall stay American. And keep my own faith options.

    • I totally agree that there are good and bad Muslims, but i was only taking about Islamic Fundamentalist, totally different breed of people.
      If my post comes true, there won’t be any Christians in America.

      • Well, I hope your post doesn’t come true. Those laws you shared were pretty horrific.

        WHy can’t everyone be like us Harry? And argue things out through blogs until we get it all ironed out and understood?

  5. Nightmarish stuff, Harry! To say nothing about how they would treat gay people and atheists.

  6. @ Chatter Master, because there are people and all they want to do is kill, it must be inbred / handed down.

  7. One thing, they are intolerant. and I don’t like the way they treat women. Alright, I’m done. * runs off *

  8. Tell them to use rubbers, like we protect from rain and snow

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