Americans insulting Islam.

More Americans are dead because someone made a film which insults Islam.
This is not the first time its happened, the previous one was the Rev Terry Jones who caused a lot of trouble and ten deaths over the burning of the Koran.
Then the burning of the Koran in the American base which again meant trouble and deaths and was spotted by Muslims working in the base.
I’m sure there are more but i can’t think of them at the minute.

Troops burn Koran

Terry Jones Burning the Koran

Why do they do this, they know what the result will be or they should know by now. Muslims will defend Islam and the Koran even if it means their own death.

The insults have been going on for years and unless people stop doing it, then a lot more lives will be lost.

America is hated around the world for things they do and have done in the past, and these actions do not help the matter.  If America stopped all wars and their warring retract and did something useful to try and help out in the poor  countries and poor people then it can only be good for America.

President Obama made a speech about the attack on the embassy, when he was finished a reporter shouted ” is this an act of war ” people are wrapped up in having wars, a war anywhere will do, a cause, no cause needed we can make things up and tell lies which people will believe then we can go to war.

After the troops burned the Koran the commander promised a full enquiry, can anyone find the results of the enquiry.


Foot note: The trouble has now move to, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Sudan, Morocco, and the Yemen were there is one dead, and could spread to more countries in the Muslim world.

38 responses to “Americans insulting Islam.

  1. The world is filled with so much hate. We like to point fingers at Muslims but I have to say I have seen it from the Christians and other religions as well. If you believe in God, don’t you think this hurts him? Sigh.

  2. Harry, they’re saying that this film has been out since June and has nothing to do with these murders. The murders occurred on 9/11. It was an anti-American act intended to remind people that terrorism is alive and well. Anti American protesters were shouting “I am Osama Bin Laden.” President Obama is a weak and ineffective leader who went out to a fund-raising event in Las Vegas yesterday rather than stay in Washington and trying to address these issues in a firm presidential way. This is Jimmy Carter all over again, but worse. Obama is the great apologizer. He has thrown our allies under the bus. I’m horrified by his inaction and response. Shouldn’t he have had protection for USA embassies all over the world on 9/11? Even I’m smart enough to figure that out.

    • Lisa i know nothing about your political system it seems at the end of the day they are just in it to see what they can get out of it.

      The trouble is film related, it may be made in June but only now has hit the web and gone around the world.

  3. The biggest insult to the Koran are the bloody Muslims themselves, hypocrites as well..Christians dont kill cos someone burns the bible or makes a film..The worst bit about this is that it was the Christian world that gave these people some freedom,,,,

    • I agree Gerry, there are Muslim hypocrites as well and the free world did give them freedom from their oppressors, but they seem to forget that quickly.

  4. America has over 300 million people. How can you hold the country responsible for the actions of every single one of them as if they are an appointed representative for the US? We have freedom of speech here which protects all, not just those who have the same opinion as the majority. Yes there are always going to be people posting inflammatory videos on YouTube just as there will always be people looking for an excuse to use religious indignation to cause violence.

    • I’m not holding 300 million responsible, just the stupid people who were responsible for the actions above.

      The post title is ” Americans insulting Islam ” and not America insults Islam.

  5. There are people doing idiotic and horrific things world wide. Americans are certainly not the only ones. Some idiot makes a film that is offensive. I see and hear things offensive about America daily, does that give me reason to go out and start killing and maiming people? Some idiot sees a film that they find offensive and they do go out and start killing. I’m not sure who is worse here, the film maker or the killers. Wait, maybe the people who are killing others. As offensive as anything is in that film (that many people have not even seen, including many of the rioters) the idea of the film is not as offensive to me as someone else deciding they have the right to kill another human being. (I have not seen it and have no intention to. I do not seek out hate mongering.)

    I see jokes and horrific stories about my faith. I have yet to, nor will I ever, kill someone else because they find my faith a joke or they don’t understand it.

    What I truly appreciate are the people world wide who do not want to find any reason at all to kill, they look for resolutions to peace. People in Libya were holding up signs saying they were sorry, and this does not represent them. I would like to join the other sign holders and say I am sorry for all of the hate and killing as well. I respect your life and your religion.

  6. I know a few Muslims and they are good people, the people who are causing the trouble must be radicals.

    I blame the film makers, BUT also utube for letting this film stay on the net it should have been removed asap, they seem to let anything go onto their site.

  7. As i have already said, i’m not condemning America, only the Americans who commit these acts.

  8. Harry, in your message you certainly sounded like you were condemning ALL Americans. We’re not all killers and hate mongers. Please try to keep that in mind. Oh, and by the way, America does more to help “poor” countries than any other nation on earth ever has.

    • Lyn, i never said that in the post, all i mentioned was Terry Jones, the troops at the base, and the film makers, i never gave the impression that i condemned all Americans any where in the post.

      BTW about America helping the poor, they have not paid their bill at the United Nations for years, nor money promise to help in Africa.

  9. a very debateable point Harry- some people believe freedom is worth dying for – the freedom of expression for example. And a murderous muslim backlash is quite indefensible. As for helping the poor – we might also ask the rich Arab states for donations. Poverty is I’m afraid, also politics.

    • Poverty is indeed politics, i don’t see why Britain should send millions of pounds every year to Pakistan and other nations who have money.
      While they build atomic weapons and have large armies we feed their poor, its all madness.
      I’m all for freedom of speech, but not when that speech leads to death.

      Watch out for my next post about Muslims, that should be fun 🙂

      Laura thank you for your visit hope to see you again.

  10. The film was shot in June, and, I agree, shouldn’t be shown–however, you have to look at freedom of speech (one of our basic rights here in the us of a) or people yell censorship. Where do you draw the line?

    The post does sound fairly anti American, as if the country is responsible for the actions of a few idiots somewhere. And, although the US does still owe the UN money, it is a far smaller amount than was originally in the debt. When anything happens in the world, the US is usually one of the first countries there with help–a fact not lost to those in Katrina ravaged New Orleans, where people waited for weeks before help arrived. But, that’s a different story.

    More people are killed in the name of God than any other reason. Oh, the irony!!

  11. I’m not sure what movie you’re talking about but I do know that no matter how much one disagrees with another religion it doesn’t give anyone any right to burn or deface a holy book, especially when you know there’s going to be bloody retribution. Apparently deaths are nothing to some people. I know I’m stating the obvious but, the world is going to go to hell in a hand basket.

    I understand that you’re not talking about America on the whole, just a few morons who happened to be American, I landed myself in a similar spot before.

  12. I blame idiots for violently acting because their feelings are hurt. It is a grossly disproportionate response. I cannot fathom how the discussion is focused on condemning a film maker rather than murderous thugs. Where is the outrage against these lawless, inhumane mobs? To me it is like blaming a rape victim because she wore provocative clothing.

    • Hi Dan thanks for the visit, the post is about the film makers because if they did not make it there would be no trouble, it seems the film lead to the trouble.
      And woman have been blamed in the past for wearing provocative clothing.

  13. What? You didn’t get enough backlash this time? 😉 I wouldn’t touch this topic with a ten foot pole! Carry on, Harry!

  14. Well, I hope you don’t mind my saying it, but it did sound anti-American. That said, we here in the Us are also having a hard time financially, and I heard we have been sending our tax dollars to Egypt in the amount of $5 B annually…..our hard earned money. I’m all for the US stopping aid, and give that money to poor people here in the US. Does that make sense? Yes, it does. The US should let these countries carve their own future, and not interfere, anymore. . We have our own problems here in the US. .

    • Ren its not anti anyone except the idiots who did the deeds in the post above.
      And i totally agree with stopping aid, Britain should do the same thing and get our country on its feet.

  15. Harry it seems you have stirred up a fab talking point or debate. I know what i would like to say and could say but will refrain from it, but it is a healthy post that creates these debatable points,, love it Harry…

  16. To everyone who commented, my next post is about Muslims in the future, so maybe i’ll get comments from Muslims complaining , i really hope so 🙂

  17. As an American, I know that there a lot of reasons why people around the world aren’t happy with us. I’m not happy with a great deal of our policies and actions.

    But, like most people in most nations or religions, you can’t lump us all in one pot and say we are all the same. That’s incorrect and breeds the kind of passionate hatred of a whole people that leads to innocent people being harmed.

    Extremists exist everywhere and those are the people, regardless of where they live, that create the problems. Most people want peace and security for themselves and their families. I do. Don’t you?

    • Lorna, so many people say i’m lumping everyone together, no where in the post did i do that. Innocent Americans are dead because of the film so who is to blame the film makers or the Muslims.

      If anyone knows about murder, trouble and extremists, its me, i have lived with it and i saw it for 30 years.

      Peace and security for themselves and their families. I do indeed.

  18. Lorna, its no problem what you say, that’s what comments are for to agree or disagree 🙂 and i like to stir up a debate

  19. I agree that people should not willy hilly insult others, but are you suggesting they should give in because the bullies will keep bullying? What a mess!

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