Watching: Poem.

Out side a cafe, drinking tea,

I’m watching the world go by.

People of all descriptions passing.

Fat people, thin people, old and young.

People in a big hurry, others having a stroll.

Business people and working class,

going about their task at hand.

Squealing brats and orderly children.

What a diverse world we live in, and you can see it all in one hour.

And there could be lots more to come.

So I’ll sit a bit longer.

And have another cup of tea.

9 responses to “Watching: Poem.

  1. Thoughtful, Harry. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like it, Harry. We need to sip tea and take the time to notice what is right in front of us. (Of course I say this after a whole day of sitting at my computer ignoring my dog!)

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