Fort Hood shooting, justice or in-justice

45 families in America are waiting for justice after 13 people were shot dead and another 32 who were wounded in the mass shooting. Nidal Hasan opened fire in the army base Fort Hood on November 5, 2009 and he has never been brought to face trial.

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He is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder in the shooting at the sprawling Central Texas army complix.

Nearly three years have passed and the reason its been so long coming to trial is that he is a Major in the army and they will not or cannot bring him to trial because he has grown a beard.

He has been ordered five times to shave of the beard so that the trial can begin and he refused and was fined $1000 each time, which i’m sure he does not care about as his salary of  $72,000 a year is still being paid.

This story is so unbelievable that it is laughable, all they have to do is make a change to allow Muslims in the army to wear beards, go to trial, convict him and then rescind the law.

Even worse he wanted to enter a guilty plea to the murders,  but Colonel Gregory Gross, who is hearing the case, said military law does not allow for guilty pleas in death penalty trials. Gross entered a not guilty plea instead.

There are 45 families waiting for justice and the longer this goes on it could mean he will never ever stand trial.

15 responses to “Fort Hood shooting, justice or in-justice

  1. This is as ridiculous as any murder case, including the case of Anders Brevik, who was only given 21 years for the 77 people he killed, including 49 children–a man who openly regrets he didn’t kill more people. He’s found sane, and given 21 years? Talk about not giving closure to families! So, yes, the Fort Hood shooting is as frustrating as they come, but, does not stand alone in the world in the realm of murder cases that do not appear ‘fair’ to the victims nor their families.

  2. I agree about the Brevik sentence, but i think he was sane and the limit for murder is only 21 years but i think he will never be out again, they will make sure.
    The limit in Briton i think is 30 years so they could be out again in about 15 years.
    Murder should mean whole life behind bars.

  3. You know I’m an American, and I believe in our constitution and human rights, but a man like Hasan doesn’t deserve to live, let alone take up years and millions of dollars in court costs. Not to mention what it’s costing to take care of him since he’s paralyzed. It’s too bad the bullet that did that didn’t end his life.

    • True Lyn and i agree with you, but at the end of the day he has rights as well.
      I cannot understand the judge saying he cannot plead guilty, and also he cannot stand trial because he has a beard, they are two of the most stupid statements i have ever heard.

  4. It is a shamefull miscarriage of justice.

  5. What a disgraceful mockery.

  6. The American “justice” system has a lot of problems. You pointed out one (it’s not efficient). It’s not “just” either. I could go on, but I’d only get upset, and no one wants that!

  7. Lorna it has a lot of problems from top to bottom.

  8. How long are we going to have to wait to bring this monster to justice?

  9. trouble is I have yet to find a justice system anywhere in this world that works on all levels

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