Book review

A short book review.

This is my first book review and when you read it, i would like to hear your comments about it please before i go to the next book.

The only disappointment i found was the lack of a plot or a good story.

The book is a paper back consisting of 384 pages, it has a bright colourful cover and a clear and easy to read typeface.

The authors took great care with the details on every page to get them right.

The first word of all sentenances is in bold type so that you can read it and more importantly find the word.

Thoughout the book it is clearly and concisely presented and all pages are well set out for readers of all ages.

In fact the book can by read by adults and children alike and would be the sort of book that could be read in a school or even an office, and i would recommend the book for this reason.

I have read this book before by different publishers, the latest one i have is ” The New Choice English Dictionary ” by Peter Haddock Publishing.

Have you read this book or similar before ?

9 responses to “Book review

  1. I have to admit I skipped around, never read it from beginning to end. Does that count as “reading” it? πŸ™‚

  2. Harry, have you every considered doing stand-up comedy? You’re a natural.

  3. Yes I’ve read it Harry, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The ending sent me to sleep. Too many Zzzz’s…Sorry, I’ll get my coat.

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