New job for me.

A short post about me looking for a job.

Being a pensioner with plenty of time on my hands and someone who can always use a little extra cash i was looking for a part-time job. Nothing to hard and I did not want to start early and also finish about four o’clock.

I was speaking to a friend, who new a lady that needed a door man to sit and watch about six monitors and just open and close a front door. That would suit me, no work to do only watch monitors and i would meet people from different walks of life and i could also take a lap-top in and write.

So i phoned her to make enquires and she said to meet her at the house the following day and we would talk about the job and also wages etc. When i got there i was early and all the blinds were closed, so i pressed the bell and a young girl opened it and ushered me in.

I said i was there to meet a lady by appointment and she looked strangely at me but she said £40. Just then the door bell rang, when opened, in walked a woman who looked as though she was dragged through a hedge.

We went to a tiny room at the front of the house where there were 8 monitors, telephone, table, chair and a kettle. She said all i had to do was sit here and keep an eye on the monitors which were looking at the hallways and stairs, also answer the door bell and if i seen any trouble just phone a number which was on a piece of paper taped to the wall and two or three men would be round right away.

I would start at 11 am and work to 4 pm and i would be paid cash, no tax, great. I told her that i would think it over in the next few days and would phone her i asked what her name was, but she told me to call her the same as the girls and that was madam, o’dear, a bit of a snob i thought living above your station.

So what do you all think, should i take the job and is it suitable for me.  All your thoughts will be listened to.

If you have ever had a job or worked in a place like this, i would like to hear your experiences.


32 responses to “New job for me.

  1. “Madam”? Bitch more like, although you don’t get very far calling women that… from what I’ve heard. 😀 Sounds easy enough just sitting down and watching some monitors, ringing a number for men to come and execute whoever starts trouble.

  2. you’re just yanking people’s chains here huh Harry…

  3. Run for your life, Harry! haha! Please tell me you’re kidding.

  4. Over here the term “madam” has a different lofty position. 🙂

  5. Chatter Master, that sounds just like the lady i would be working for.
    I asked her what the girls did all day and she said they entertained.
    It must be an acting school.

  6. You’re either joking or dumb as a post, Harry, and I know it’s not the latter.

  7. Sounds like a…what’s the word? Whore house…Thus, the words she used. Are you monitoring pimps? I would say no. 🙂 in a Wierd mood today tried to write a Humour post, not good at that. 🙂

  8. Sounds like a brothel 🙂

  9. Is this a brothel Harry?

  10. LOL in your dreams 🙂

  11. Sounds sketchy. I think you should find something more fulfilling. Something that you get enjoyment out of. Because if you’re just sitting, then you could do that at home, right?

  12. Harry, this job sounds perfect for you. I bet you know some of the “girls”….

  13. I’m really not sure about this Harry. It all sounds a bit suspicious to me. Did she really not even ask to see your CV? That alone makes the alarm bells ring for me.

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