Poem: A Child.

A child is a blessing.

To love and behold.

To nurture, to care for.

And watch it mature.

Then it will leave you.

To go its own way.

But you never stop loving.

Caring and watching,

and worrying because.

The bond always remains.

24 responses to “Poem: A Child.

  1. SO true

  2. hypercryptical

    Lovely Harry.

    Anna :o]

  3. Wonderful and so true.

  4. Lovely one Harry…and very true…even when they are in their forties they phone you and cry!
    I need to change my phone number.

  5. Nice one Harry – and so true.

  6. Very sweet, Harry. 🙂

  7. touching poem and true words

  8. What you didn’t say was about the children caring and watching and worrying too…….

  9. When the kids get old enough and leave, I have seen people just about go insane. They have no clue of what to do with thier time. The husband and wife often look at eachother and think, “why in the world did I marry you in the first place?” Prior to the child leaving, the parents were always occupied with the children. When their kids leave, they actually realize that their spouse is boring (sometimes). There have been many divorces in my small town (everyone knows everyone here) for this very reason.

    Great Post!

  10. Lovingly written – I think all us parents (and grandparents) can relate to this. Thanks, Harry!

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