Life in photos ( 2 )

I could not find the photographers, but i would like to credit them for their work.

If any-one knows them please let me know, thank you.

Photo no.1 is from National Geographic.

Photo no.3  is from

19 responses to “Life in photos ( 2 )

  1. The photo of the boy reading to the elephant is by Gregory Colbert and part of his Ashes & Snow Exhibition. All his photos are stunning:

  2. lovely! thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. They’re all wonderful. I think the first is from a National Geographic. The last is from a book that was popular last year and I can’t remember the name of it … but don’t we just love these photographers for giving us what we couldn’t otherwise have.

    Lovely post … great start to the weekend …

  4. AgrippingLife

    All wonderful. I love animals – they are gifts from God.
    Thanks Harry!

  5. These are wonderful Harry. I love them all.

  6. Third down, with the elephant, is from the Ashes and Snow collection of Gregory Colbert:

    Well worth the journey if you check out the site. Thanks for a great blog!


  7. Oh Harry…these are so amazing…gave me a lump…
    There is a site called Tineye where you can do a reverse search on images…

  8. Great Stuff 🙂

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