Would You Like A Shag

WELL,  WOULD  YOU like a shag.

If you have never had a shag on the floor, you don’t know what your missing.

When your friends know you have a shag on the floor they will also want one.

To have a shag in the middle of the floor is so comfortable.

It is also good for your back, because its  flat on the floor.

A shag or two around the house on the floor will do no harm, and it might also lift your spirits to know that so few people have one.

Take a look at a shag on the floor in the photos, i picked these ones as they do not show a lot. If you are of a nervous dispossession or easily shocked, make your own mind up.

Warning, adult material, no ONE under 18 allowed to view the photos.

shag pile rugs, you know you want one.

Photos: the real rugcompany.co.uk


34 responses to “Would You Like A Shag

  1. Cool Blog. Do visit mine for photoshop tricks that you can never imagine

  2. Oh, they’re back, huh? I would not ever have imagined that the “youngers” would want to take on our shag rugs! Fun way with words!

  3. ADULT MATERIAL! Hah good one Harry!

  4. Excellent Harry. Thanks for the much needed guffaw. 😀

  5. ooh, I have one, and must agree. Its SO comfortable. Ive been known to nap on it a time or two.

  6. “Just another pensioner with his thoughts if he can remember them” haha, awesome! Great blog 🙂

  7. Nothing beats a good shag on the floor lmao…. fab blog! x

  8. Oooh, that’s a lovely shag! Nice and deep. Bit difficult to clean, though.

  9. Harry’s got the devil in him today, huh? 😉

  10. As the saying goes:
    Cormorant’s like a shag!

  11. ifyouevercared

    Reblogged this on This is how I see it……. and commented:
    Great sence of humour

  12. Haha brilliant! I had a friend who had two footrests from Wales that she called her ‘Welsh poofs’ :o)

  13. I am 22 but I still can’t get over the shag pictures. Your warning should also say “Those who have a weak heart. Beware!” 🙂

  14. I have a shag in my living room (as well as my bedroom). A good shag is fab! The only challenge is finding anything I drop… it’s like a blackhole for small items – like blueberries, earrings, etc. Perhaps someone should create a special “comb” for them.

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