Tesco and their Jubilee celebrations.

Tesco and their Jubilee celebrations.

Or should i say, their non-celebrations.

Tesco to mark the Queens jubilee celebrations supplied all their workers in Briton with a Jubilee kit which included a Diamant type badge.

BUT, i’m sorry to say that the workers in Northern Ireland did not get them, they were not even offered the choice if they wanted the kits or not.

This decision by Tesco not to allow the employees to use the kits is illogical and unjust.

N.Ireland employees are being treated differently to their colleagues in the rest of the United kingdom, and it is completely unacceptable.

This must have been done to apse Sinn Fein/IRA/republicans because they would not want the Catholic workers getting or being offered the kits.

Northern Ireland has taken huge strides forward in this past ten years and is a vibrant place, 10s thousands of tourists enjoy the country.

The Queen visits as do her family members, the Queen went to Dublin for the first time ever for a state visit.

But still Sinn Fein/IRA/republicans cannot bring themselves to meet the Queen on her jubilee visit, they cannot even present Duke of Edinburgh awards or present awards to where army cadets were present.

But its Tesco who have let their staff down and let themselves down, i know so many people who have stopped shopping at Tesco and i am one of them.


9 responses to “Tesco and their Jubilee celebrations.

  1. I don’t know anything about this but is it possible they only provided them in England to save money because that’s where they’ll be most visible? Did the queen make appearances throughout the UK or just England? I don’t know but sometimes the issue of MONEY is the cause. Just wondering. If not, then I think that’s a terrible slight on their part and I’d be mad too.

  2. They were supplied to all Tesco workers in the UK. The Queen is visiting every major city in Briton including Northern Ireland. Money is no object were Tesco is concerned, its just that they do not want to give any ground for Sinn Fein/IRA/republicans to make trouble, as i am SURE they would.

  3. Harry, would you explain to me what a Jubilee Kit is? Thank you!!

  4. Well, I thought NI was part of the United Kingdom. What a strange decision. Is her face on the money in NI?

    • It always has been part of the United Kingdom, and i hope it remain so.

      We do use sterling as the currency, although all our banks have their own bank notes.

  5. What’s the word I’m looking for?….Oh I know, spineless. If Tesco feel the Jubilee is important enough for them to mark it then they should have the guts to do it with conviction. Tesco wasn’t forcing anyone to accept the kit. And if anyone complained they could just be politely reminded of that. But instead Tesco simply shied away through fear of upsetting the easily offended. Shame on them.

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