American Invasions

I watched about 15 minutes of an American  war film and then got bored with it, and then i got to thinking what war or invasion did America win on their own.
EDIT :- I mean a war on foreign ground / abroad.
My conclusion and findings are , none.     
Unless you know different.

And i’m sure this post will have some very interesting comments.

America invades the smallest country in the western hemisphere Grenada.
Invasion of Grenada ——Failer
“A lovely little war” was what one correspondent called the 1983 U.S. invasion of Grenada. Most saw Operation Urgent Fury, its official name, as a guaranteed victory. The Caribbean island, the smallest independent country in the Western Hemisphere, was no match for American military might. Reagan championed the invasion as another step toward ridding the world of Communism, but the big victory over the little island. And put his ratings up with the public.

America invades Panama ——Failer
America invades the small Central American country of Panama.
In the 1989 invasion, heavy U.S. firepower was turned on civilian communities. The poor working class neighborhood of El Chorillo was burnt to the ground and quickly got a new nickname–“Little Hiroshima.” Panamanians estimate that between 2,000 and 6,000 people were killed in this invasion. Many of them were dumped into mass graves. Witnesses reported that U.S. troops used flame-throwers on the dead, the bodies shriveling up as they burned.

America invades Haiti ——Failer
America invades the small island of Haiti.
This is a story of indecision and the inability of the U.S. to match means to ends. The U.S. intervention in Haiti was not carried out like Washington believed in it, and as such its impact was small; the stated long-term goals of the U.S. were not accomplished, and Haiti remains impoverished.

America invades Cuba. ——Failer
America invades a small island of Cuba. 
In April of 1961 the United States government sponsored an attempt by Cuban exiles to assault Cuba and overthrow Fidel Castro and the communist government he led. The exiles were well armed and trained in Central America by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). The attack failed because of the selection of a poor landing site, inability to disable the Cuban Air Force and overestimation of the Cuban people’s willingness to support a strike against Castro.

America invades Vietnam—-Neither won or failed.
America invades the country of Vietnam.
As the first U.S. troops were withdrawn, those who remained became increasingly angry and frustrated, exacerbating problems with morale and leadership. Tens of thousands of soldiers received dishonorable discharges for desertion, and about 500,000 American men from 1965-73 became “draft dodgers,” with many fleeing to Canada to evade conscription. Nixon ended draft calls in 1972, and instituted an all-volunteer army the following year.


32 responses to “American Invasions

  1. What war is won or lost on one country’s involvement? How far back did you go? I find it amusing that the War of 1812 is not taught in England (a war lost by the English to the Americans in 1815)–and wonder why it is left out?

    War is relative, both the reasons fought, the people behind it, the repercussions, the end results, and, personally (not just as an American), I can think of a zillion other subjects less inflammatory to discuss.

    Just my .02¢

  2. Hi Addie, I forgot to add, outside of America.
    Its not meant to be inflammatory, i just got to wondering that’s all.
    The War of 1812, is that the war of independence, if it was, i think only think but i think i’m right, that the French and Indians fought along side the Americans.

    Anyway, we must keep the peace and friendship between GB and the US 🙂

  3. Chatter Master

    Oh my. Well, I love my country. I despise war. However, I support the men and women who willingly defend our country (and others). I meet an awful lot of veterans from many different wars (WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Dessert Storm…and on going …) I don’t know of any of them that like or love war. They do love our country. And most believe they are doing “right” by protecting others. For most veterans I’ve ever talked with, it is about protecting and rights, not about killing or controlling. Another way to look at this is that there are many wars that were won with the aide of the American soldier and people. Fortunately there are countries who believe in the same kinds of freedoms and are willing to do what they can, together, instead of looking the other way.

    Way to get people’s attention Harry!

    • I am not taking about any of those things, i knew this post would be taken the wrong way.

      MY SON fought in Iraq, along side the Americans.

      I just asked a simple question, which came into my head one night watching a film.

      I know British veterans and i see them nearly every day, but they never talk about the wars.

      • Chatter Master

        I thought your statement was thought provoking. That’s what I meant. I couldn’t help but when I read it, that my thoughts kind of went some place on their own. I didn’t mind your statement at all. It produces many different tracks of thoughts in me. I was just kind of letting them spill out. I’m actually looking forward to where it made other’s thoughts go. I love it when a post gets a lot of varied responses. I think it’s fascinating to post something so simply stated, and see what complex thoughts and ideas come out of it.

        I deal with the elderly population because of my job. I am always surprised at their talking to me. I met two today and made sure to thank them both. I hope people thank your son for his service.

  4. The War of Independence was fought in 1775-83. We won that one, too. Then, there is the American Civil War (1860-65). There, we killed each other. More Americans died in that bloodbath than any other war combined. I’m fairly sure we did that one alone.

    • War of Independence, home ground.
      American Civil War, home ground.

      Yes, that war must have been bad, brother against brother, etc etc.
      I believe the death toll was huge.

      • Please understand, I’m not upset about anything you are saying–I’m enjoying this discussion!

  5. PS The Indians ARE the original Americans.

    • Now you are not going to like this, WHO killed them of, during the Indian wars. 🙂 notice the smile 🙂

    • I was worried you were both upset, i must try and think something more inflammatory.

      So the American army never killed if thousands of them and moved them to some where they could not live. that’s why they are nearly all junkies now 🙂

      The same with your cousins over the border with the Eskimos, they are nearly all junkies 🙂

  6. Chatter Master, i find that older people ( i’m getting there ) tell you how it is with no messing about, if you don’t like it, to bad.
    They have lived their lives, so why would they try to be extra nice to someone just for the sake of it.
    That’s why i put these type of posts up, to get people taking and their minds working.

  7. Chatter Master

    Hi Harry, I like the discussions !! You know I adore your blog. Even when you make me work. 😉

  8. The Revolutionary War was won by the Americans NOT on their home soil. Remember, Harry, they were still subjects of England – that would be considered a war fought abroad. And, if I’m not mistaken, our rag tag soldiers kicked England’s butt! haha! Only kidding – but not really. Tee hee

    I have ancestors who came over from England to the American continent with permission from King George to purchase land in New York. Not long after, they were fighting in the Revolutionary War. I find it all very fascinating.

    • AH, we are going to get technical now.
      Not at home ? they lived there 🙂 the Brits were abroad across the sea, yes you won, with the French, Indians, and Americans and who ever else you could get.
      They fought a different way that the Brits could not deal with, and fair play to them they beat a mighty army to win.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe some of your ancestors came to the New World and fought in some of these wars. I work on ancestry/genealogy and find incredible family stories that have gone undiscovered until now. Thanks to the internet the world is very small, indeed.
    We’re a real melting pot over here, across the pond. : )

  10. Harry, the British and French introduced not only whiskey and the art of scalping (by paying fines for scalps delivered) but, they also handed over smallpox infected blankets and clothing to the Indian tribes as a fast way to wipe out entire villages and eventually, entire tribes. It was quite effective. I find the reservations deplorable, and, with that said, please do not take the high road with the treatment given the Native American by the British when they came to America to settle. They wanted the land, and destroyed whomever was there to get said land. End of story.

  11. Yes, you are the same as the Aussies, their ancestors were nearly all convicts from Briton 😆

    I can’t work on mine because i have no docs etc from my side of the family.

  12. If fingers are to be pointed, I suggest we start a discussion on how the natives of India and Australia were treated by the British when they invaded those particular countries. I don’t seem to remember that going too well for the homefolk involved, do you?

    Invading armies seldom if ever treat the dwellers of a country with any dignity–it’s a shame and a disgrace and we as humans should beg forgiveness for our deeds, not go on about other nations and how they acted. No one has a clean slate in this area, and all of us should do what we can to rectify the situations as they are still going on today.

  13. I will not and cannot defend any invading army from any country, Briton,America,Spain,France,Portugal and others they all did wrong, no matter where they went, even to the extent of forced religion.

    The wrong still went on up until Iraq and i do not think it will stop there.

    If any one knows about killing, murder, wrong doings, its me living in Belfast it went on for 30 years and a little is still going to-day.
    Humanity is the most cruel species on earth.

  14. Americans’ are certainly not all “convicts from Briton”. We are a huge melting pot of a variety of people from all walks of life and every nook and cranny of the world. Don’t generalize, dear Harry.

    • Addie, i see you have not got used to my humour, i meant the Aussies can go back a long time and they could find they had a convict in the family, there were 10s thousands sent out.

  15. Ha ha, Harry, good job keeping the peace between the Brits and the Americans. I’m not planning to tell my American Indian relatives that you said we were junkies. 😉

    • Simone, i always like to keep the peace 🙂 well not all but the programs that we see about life, you would think they all were,they said its unemployment, education, nothing to do that drives them to it.

      • Oh, the programs. We have those in the states too. It’s an issue so I’m not denying that, but the American Indians who have and are doing great things don’t get equal air time. That’s life, I suppose.

  16. Harry, humans are the only creatures (besides weasles) who kill for the heck of it. But even ourt civil war, I think I heard something about some major victories being won because of the help of certain Scotsmen who had come over for just this purpose as prisoners or something. But when it comes to war, I think we all agree, there are no real winners but everyone looses.

  17. Simone, its like all walks of life, the good and people who have taken the wrong path.

  18. Richard Wiseman

    The American invasion of every country in the world using the weapons of media distraction is one of the most successful campaigns ever fought any time. As the ‘tetchy’ comments in reply to your interesting and innocous historical question indicate the ‘The Attack On Reason’ by ‘American Cultural Thinking’ has been the most successful invasion of any kind anywhere.

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