Woman’s Hormone Guide

Please click  on the photo to enlarge  it so that you are able to read it.

Men, this is a guide just for you, to help you keep on the right side of your wife.

46 responses to “Woman’s Hormone Guide

  1. and well they SHOULD!!!


  2. this is hilarious and true!

  3. Well, that about says it all, Harry.

  4. Harry, I am thinking you are happily married! lol

  5. Hmmm…was this guide written by women for men, or men for men?

  6. I wouldn’t know, but the rules make sense. Funny, too,

  7. SOL! (SNORT out loud) good one

  8. As someone that runs the Hysterectomy Association I feel I should be disapproving but actually most women I know from this world would think this was just brilliant …. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it and I’ve copied it on to my FB page too where some of my ladies also happen to reside ….!

  9. These should be handed out when you apply for a marriage license.

  10. Ah yes…the ‘would you like some wine’ is always a safe bet with me…heheheh

  11. Ha, I know the “wine trick” works… matter of fact, it works with me too!

  12. Lol, I love this. 🙂

  13. Brilliant Harry, here, have some wine!

  14. I think all men should start reading and following your blog. 🙂 nice one, Harry!

  15. Damn! 40 years married and now you tell me what I’ve been doing wrong. 🙂

  16. GOF, you know we men don’t like to talk about surrerin’ at the hands of our bosses / wives 🙂

  17. Thanks! I’ll take tea.

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