Hudson river plane crash.

This video makes you feel as if you are there at the time the crash happened.

It is a 3D reconstruction of flight 1549.

It may be 7 minutes long, but its well worth the watch.

I know you will all enjoy it.


12 responses to “Hudson river plane crash.

  1. General view is it probably helped he was a glider pilot!


    As an ex glider pilot myself I agree!!

  2. A remarkable pilot and a real hero. I love that he was so calm and cool during the whole thing. I wish he was my pilot on every flight!

  3. It was an extraordinary achievement by the Captain. Whilst pilots are trained for these emergencies it’s an entirely different matter executing them in real life when “the engine noise stops”. Also cudos in this incident to the air traffic controllers at adjacent landing fields.

  4. That was amazing. That captain certainly knows his job. What a hero. 🙂

  5. It’s amazing. I remember the news of it, too.

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