I thought its time to let you all know.

ABOUT My New Blogs And Forums.

            I thought it was about time to let people know about  my new blog , my old blog and also my old forum and my new forum .

And last of all my new blog called ” Poet’s Corner “

A lot of my followers are subscribed to my new blog which was started on the 5th March, but they do not know who i am, that’s why i cannot subscribe to their blogs, if i did i would get double post’s.

My old forum is a D.I.Y. forum and it has only 31 members.

My new forum has only started on the 21st May so its early days, its harder for a forum to move up the ranks and get members.

If you would like to subscribe to any of my sites i would appreciate it very much.

My new blog is getting about 100 hits a day so i’m happy with that.

The links to all my sites are here below.

Poets Corner

Dribbling Pensioner

Jokes And Humour World

Jokes Galore Forum

D.I.Y. Help Forum

15 responses to “I thought its time to let you all know.

  1. AgrippingLife

    You know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, Harry, but I can’t figure out how the other two sites work? It just comes up like a list of sorts? Not sure I understand it?

    • They work the same as wordpress forum.

      If you have a joke about woman, click the woman forum, new post, write your joke and save, that’s your joke in.

      If you have a question about , plumbing, you click plumbing, new post, write your text and save then sit back for an answer 🙂

  2. Just subscribed to the humor blog. I need to laugh.

  3. Harry I have enought rouble keeping up with one blog…don’t you have a life ????????????

  4. Thanks for the compliment JO 🙂 you get crazy when you become a pensioner.

  5. My word you are a glutton for punishment….one blog is enough for me!

  6. Thanks for this post Harry – I’m now following you on the jokes blog – I love anything funny!

  7. Hey, thank you. I didn’t know about anything except this blog that I follow. Will check out the other blog and the forum.

  8. Wow, you are very popular and a great blogger! Have you thought about applying to have ads on your site to make money?

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