Olympic Torch Route 2012.

The London 2012 Olympic torch relay begins on 19 May 2012 at Land’s End and ends 70 days later on 27 July at the opening ceremony in the Olympic Stadium. Explore the map to find out where the torch is going each day near you.

THE Olympic torch route finder

Have a look and a read all about the torch and how it was made.

Touches as far back as 1936, click here.

But this is one thing that i’m not pleased about, i don’t know how you feel.

These are the London games ( Britons games ) and the torch will be going to all four parts of Briton during the run. No one will be any further than one hour away from seeing the torch.

The torch will be coming over to Northern Ireland for four days where it will go  on tour around all six county’s. But i fail to understand why it’s going into the Republic of Ireland, which is not part of Briton.

The R.O I. do not want to know Briton and they do not help Briton with certain matters that need attention.

I have tried to find out but cannot, maybe someone will tell the people in the days to come.

Will you be going to or coming over for the Olympics.


21 responses to “Olympic Torch Route 2012.

  1. Did you see on the news that some of the old ones are selling on e-bay for thousands of pounds? Wish I had of of those torches 😀

  2. Karen is that bloggers page another way to get hits etc.

  3. That’s a good question about the Republic of Ireland. I heard that David Beckham is going to be carrying the torch for part of the run. He’s so cute! Unfortunately I won’t be coming over for the games. I think it will be a mad house! Are you going to watch them?

  4. My daughter is coming over from SA for the games. I have a friend here who’s son iwill be carrying the torch for part of its journey. She’s so proud of him.

  5. The map was interesting, thanks for that link. Some of those places were half an hour away from each other!! And yet the only western isles one was at the top end of Lewis! That is not three hours from Barra (for example). That’s not answering your question, just raising another.

  6. Whoa ! I wasn’t even aware the next Olympics would be held in Britain. There’s not much news about this here in the US. ( I suppose there is on the Sports Page ) The US is now busy with Presidential elections.

  7. I try to follow on the web site but keep loosing pictures, no signal they say… but interesting.

  8. The Olympics do unite the world for a short period as perhaps the torch relay does for the UK. (even though I don’t fully understand the ROI political situation) I believe there are hundreds or thousands of torches these days available for purchase…..apparently for the 1956 Olympics in Australia there were only a total of 110 torches…..they are now worth a lot of money.

  9. They should have had less touches, there will be 8,000 in total. ROI, they should not be going near it.

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  11. This is pretty exciting for London 🙂 I wonder, how are they going to pack so many people in there?! I visited London once. It was lovely, but crowded. We visited during an unusually warm heatwave in the summer, so I saw none of the famous dreary English weather…I’ll have to come back sometime during winter…

  12. I also don’t understand why they call our team Great Britain. As northern ireland is included, it should be Team UK.

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