My PC was sick.

Sorry for not being around for this past few days or posting.

I had to preform surgery on my PC , and i hope next week it will be going into intensive care to get sorted.

Its going slower and it can’t remember what to do, a bit like my-self 🙂

I also had to remove nearly 450 emails as i could not read them all.

14 responses to “My PC was sick.

  1. Technology!!! Sometimes it just doesn’t understand what’s expected of it!!!

    Good luck and may it bounce back with renewed energy and enthusiasm!

  2. It just has a mind of its own at times 🙂

  3. Removing emails? I hope you didn’t delete the one I sent from my brother, the Nigerian Prince, who needed your help with moving some money?

  4. My sympathy, Harry. Computers, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. (to paraphrase)

  5. A couple of days…heck, I apologize for being away for a couple of MONTHS… But, mine was beyond sick…it died…and I just finished deleting over 4000 emails. I still don’t have a NEW computer, but, it’s new to me. Missed you guys. Haven’t decided yet whether to go back into blogging full steam ahead yet…but, I’ll be in and out for sure. Bless You Harry…

  6. I know the feeling. Hope all is better now.

  7. you performed surgery on your PC…no wonder it was sick

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