Witchcraft Torture

Witchcraft Torture Couple Jailed For Life

Kristy Bamu suffered 130 injuries over days of torture before he was finally drowned in a bath.

Kristy, 15, died in a flat in a Newham tower block in east London, on Christmas Day 2010.

His sister Magalie, 29, has been given a minimum term of 25 years behind bars and her partner Eric Bikubi, 28, a minimum term of 30 years.

He had travelled to London from Paris with his two brothers and two sisters to spend the holiday with Magalie.

But during the stay, Magalie and football coach Bikubi became convinced Kristy was a witch and began a four day “deliverance” ceremony.

Read more of the yahoo news story.

Short video from inside the flat.

Kristy was attacked with hammers, metal bars, pliers, ceramic tiles, a chisel and wooden poles in a bid to exorcise evil spirits.
On Christmas Day, Bikubi put the children in the bath for ritual cleansing but Kristy was so weak after three days of abuse that he slipped under the water.

His sisters, aged 20 and 11, were also beaten but escaped further attacks after “confessing” to being witches

Both Bikubi and the Bamu family hail originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where accusing children of witchcraft and then exorcising them is commonplace.

The practice is known as “kindoki” and during the trial, the jury was told it was the “driving force” behind the murder.

Scotland Yard has investigated 83 cases involving abuse resulting from ritualistic or faith-based beliefs and brought 17 prosecutions over the last 10 years.

Detective Superintendent Terry Sharpe said: “This is a hidden and under-reported crime and therefore difficult to deal with in terms of protecting potential victims from harm.”

35 responses to “Witchcraft Torture

  1. Dark and so disturbing… It’s hard to imagine that such ignorance and evil exist in this day.

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s the 21st century.

  3. Well, I was involved with a case in which the child was determined to be the devil. His twin brother was said to be the good one. We have struggled to help the “devil” brother recover. It is very difficult. Also, here in the States there have been many cases of cults who brainwash children (as well as adults) to believe that torture and other horrible things are their due to keep them “pure”. There is much evil in the world, but not in the children like these.

  4. The law is a terrible thing at times.

  5. So sad. Poor boy and his sisters. It makes me sad that some people are so dark.

  6. Oh my God, I can not imagine the suffering of those/these children. There is never anything about love or religion or faith or culture that should hurt.

  7. wow, thanks for sharing. How sad…

  8. That’s crazy! If Jesus only had to tell the demons to flee and they did, and if we are given the same power, why in the world would you think all that is needed EVEN SUPPOSING the child was a witch!!?? I know the religion in the Congo is much different from Christianity, but still. Thanks for bringing this out into the open on your blog. Angie

  9. Heartbraking…yet not surprising

  10. Harry, where do you find this stuff? 🙂

  11. Gratz Harry, You are the “Grand Poobah” Reader’s Choice Winner, along with Three other “Reader’s Choice” Winners http://thedarkglobe.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/and-the-dark-globe-create-a-world-writing-conest-winners-are/


  12. This is why “ignorance” should be considered a crime. Terrible …

  13. There are satanic cults and then there are Wiccan witches who honor the Earth and nature’s powers. Just like there are law-abiding citizens and psychopaths, it’s dangerous to lump all “witches” under one very scary category of violent ritualistic killers or torturers. I abhor violence of any kind and anyone who engages in these brutal acts against humans or animals should be stopped and punished. Just don’t think that all people who consider themselves witches (and I’m not one of them) do these kinds of things. 😉

  14. 😦 I read about this recently, parents accusing their children of being witches so they have an “excuse” to force them to leave. it’s crazy they need to build up such a belief.
    It also does not make any sense, since there’s nothing wrong with being a witch, actually it’s quite right since it means being connected with Nature Herself and we ARE Nature…

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