The Wedding.

My son’s wedding took place on Thursday at the Belfast Castle, it was a beautiful day and everyone had a great day.

So here are just a few photos, i’ll not bore you with to many.

There were only about 35 people at the wedding and about 80 at the night’s entertainment.

A Daimler Limo.

A Bentley Limo.

My Son, Grandson, Wife and me

Bride and Groom

Groom and Mum

Groom, Best-man and Grandson

Bride and Dad

Our Grandson

That’s all  folks.


46 responses to “The Wedding.

  1. Very nice. I love wedding pictures.

  2. This is lovely, what a great day. And you all look fabulous! Congratulations to your family 🙂 and best wishes for the future. Your grandson is a handsom gentleman!
    (More pics would not be boring at all! )

  3. Best to the whole family!!

  4. Lovely photos. Your grandson is very photogenic.

  5. and the bride looked stunning. The groom’s parents – good looking couple

  6. Photos have been up-dated.

  7. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  8. And that baby… so cute!

  9. Aww that’s great! Congratulations! Seems like a gorgeous day. So nice to have a wedding at a castle! Very nice!

  10. What a beautiful family you have! It’s always nice to see everyone so happy at a special event. (By the way, you looked very dashing.)

  11. Awwwwe… ♥
    Congratulations are in order. =0)
    *happy dancing*
    Veggiewitch ♥

  12. Thanks Veggiewitch, dancing 🙂 those days are over 🙂

  13. What a beautiful wedding that have a lovely family and your grandson is just so adorable 😉

  14. Everyone looks so beautiful and dapper and happy. Just as it should be at a celebration like this. Congratulations to all!

  15. Oh Harry…don’t you look spiffy !!! Now where are the photos of the reception…the interesting ones…after all – you are Irish !!!!

  16. JO i don’t do foolish 😆

    People seem to forget there’s a border between Ireland and Britain and i live in Britain.

  17. Lovely photos, haryy. Congrats to you all. Your grandson is a cutie!

  18. Weddings are quite the occasion…..this looks to be a happy one. Best wishes to all. And I think that grandson of yours must take after his grandfather!

  19. Lovely photos and your grandson looks real dapper 🙂

  20. awwwwww..CONGRATS!!! What a lovely, lovely day. Best wishes!

  21. What a beautiful family you have, Harry! The pictures look great, it was nice of you to share them. Congratulations to all!

  22. Winderful photos of a happy day ! Thank you for sharing !

  23. Beautiful family! Thanks for sharing. It looks like you had a gorgeous day for such a special event.

  24. I love seeing people’s lives here. thanks for sharing

  25. Really lovely Harry!!

    Your grandson is a looker!! 🙂


  26. Lovely pictures 🙂
    – Karen

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