Poem: To-morrow never comes.

Poem: To-morrow never comes.

We live here in to-day.

To-day is with us now.

To-day will never leave us.

Yesterday was here for a while.

And now it has gone forever.

We spent time in Yesterday.

To-morrow will never come.

Because at midnight its to-day.

We will spend no time in to-morrow.

To-morrow does not exist in time.

27 responses to “Poem: To-morrow never comes.

  1. Nice Harry, I Tweeted yah on My Dark Globe Account


  2. Hi,
    What a great poem, and very true. 😀

  3. I’ve thought of the whole tomorrow thing before and it hurts my simple brain! haha! Nice poem, Harry.

  4. I never thought about it that way…! I like that. Great poem!

  5. Well now, isn’t that the perfect truth!

  6. Great poem!! 🙂

  7. Hi Harry,
    this poem makes me smile. Today is all there is, I love that thought. Somehow it sounds like a verb, to day or not to day…

  8. That’s why a pub once put a notice up saying “Free beer tomorrow” !! 🙂

    This is very good.

    Christine x

  9. So, I guess we’d best enjoy today, right?

  10. have a good day today Harry 🙂


  11. Verry true! Let’s live in the moment.

  12. Oh Harry you are turning into quite the bard aren’t you ?? Nice poem my friend and some very wise words.

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