Dangerous dogs should be put down.

Dog shot dead for attacking police.

Who in they right mind would want one of these dogs, especially when there are young children living in the same house and playing around them.

These dogs are only used as a status symbol by so-called hard men but they only use them to threaten other people.

The Pit bull is one of the most brave and dauntless dogs that usually takes on any opponent. Therefore they take part in dog fighting. It is common knowledge that this dog breed can even mangle the human to death as pit bull locks its jaws onto the booty until it is dead.

Due to their intense territorial instinct these dogs are very aggressive. Rottweilers are commonly used as guard dogs, and also have attacked and killed.

Other dangerous dogs not allowed in Briton are the Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro and the Japanese Tosa.

Ownership of pit bull terriers and others was banned in Britain in 1991 following a spate of attacks by dangerous dogs.

I know that in Northern Ireland lots of these dogs when they are reported or found, have been put down and any-one found with one will get a heavy fine, if not jail.

Its about time all these dogs were found. They have killed and mauled so many people over the years, most of them young children.

They have been left needing skin grafts and scares that will never heal also the mental scares from what happen to them.

A Scotland Yard firearms squad was called in to shoot a dog dead after it mauled five police officers during a raid.

One Pc is facing skin grafts on his body after the “pit bull-type” animal went beserk as its owner was arrested.

All five constables were taken to hospital with leg and hand wounds as chaos ensued during a morning swoop in Newham, east London.

This is the link to the story at Yahoo News.

Video showing the dog attack on Sky News.

Read what this arse hole of a woman has to say, i hope she does not get elected.

Jenny Jones, the Green Party candidate for London mayor, said the dog bite raid appeared to be “an expensive mistake”.

She said: “Calling in CO19 just seems such an expensive way to deal with a mad dog. Could they not have used a Taser?

The British police need to get their act together and get these dogs under control.

36 responses to “Dangerous dogs should be put down.

  1. Some kids threatened my son’s girlfriend with a pitbull when she told them off. The gang of kids were about 12 and treated the dog as “bling” with it’s studded collar. It was a status symbol and they were using it to scare people.
    I am sick to death of dogs here in Portugal. the owners let them wander the streets and roam on the beaches. I am now too frightened to walk alone. Just last week a dog rushed out of its front garden and attacked me and my friends while were out for a walk. But unless it injured us and we were hospitalised I was told the Police don’t want to know. the only other option is to walk with a weapon to protect myself. This dog was a pitbull cross.

    There are also ridgebacks and rotweillers on the loose. I would round them all up and fine the owners.

    • CaroleAs you know the Government in Portugal should change the law, but as with the rest of Europe they will not.
      Here in Northern Ireland a loose dog can be picked up, if it has no ID it will be re-homed or held for two months before being put down, that’s why we never see any.

  2. I was saddened to read this post and Piglet’s reply. I work with an organization that rescues these dogs from bad situtations and rehabiltates them, finding them safe homes. The owners who train these dogs and use them to frighten people should be jailed, but it is the dog who pays for the humans’ crimes. They can be aggressive dogs, but many are not. This is a people problem, not a dog problem and stronger laws would help.

    • katrinarachel, i agree with you it is the people, but when the law says that you are not allowed to have these dogs, the police must act.

      The work you do is worth while.

      Xmas, 2010 a five year old was mauled and killed by a bit bull in her own home and the grandmother was very badly bitten as well. The child’s uncle ( the owner ) was jailed.

  3. Oh I strongly, STRONGLY disagree about punishing an entire breed because some were handled or bred or trained wrong. It is no different than human genocide. There are beautiful, sweet, wonderful pit bulls out there – you just have to handle and train them RIGHT, and not get the bloodlines from the fighting dogs (yes, that is possible). My parents had a doberman which is generally portrayed as a vicious dog that never harmed a fly. He would actually play with my brother (who was about three at the time) and an old sock, and I hear it was the cutest thing! Never once did he lay a paw wrong.

    This may sound crazy and unbelievable, but (at least in the US) “150 people are killed every year by falling coconuts, but only 3 are killed by Pit Bulls.” Does that mean that we should chop down all of the trees that produce coconuts? And here’s another shocking fact – “A child is more than 800 times more likely to be killed by their caretaker than by a Pit Bull.” And we don’t do nearly enough about that, do we?

    Here are examples of just a few outstanding Pit Bulls – Popsicle was a drug sniffing dog for the federal government, and Weela saved 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and a cat during a flood in Southern California. Sure, these are just two dogs, but prime examples of why not every dog in a certain breed should be put down. Without Weela, 30 people alone would have died.

    If you want to see where I got these facts, check out these two websites:

    These are just two websites that prove that the Pit Bull is not the monster, man killing dog many people, and a few “bad” Pit Bulls make many believe they are.

    • Hi Emily, maybe i was a bit strong in saying ALL these dogs need to be found and put down.
      But if its against the law to have these breeds of dog there is no argument for having one.
      It is the cross breed dogs that do most of the damage, the dog in my post is a ” pit bull type ” dog.
      Briton to has rescue dogs of all breeds that go all over the world but they are all lawful breeds.
      I will be making a post about a dog that is breed to have one aim in life and that is to kill Badgers and nothing else. i think they use terriers and the likes.

  4. I agree with katrinarachel. I love all animals, even ones that could kill me with a flick of their wrist. It depends on how the dog was trained, no the dog itself. I know a handful of pitbulls that are gentle as lambs.

    • Lily i know all dogs are not bad, but they are easy to annoy and could turn in a second.
      I had a German shepherd dog and when we where outside he would not move unless told to do so, and never looked near another dog or person.
      Two Rottweiler’s lived about ten doors from me and i had no fear of them because they were trained right.
      MY brother in-law has a Rottweiler and i will not go inside the house until it is outside and there are always young kids in that house.
      But the law must be obeyed.

      • Yeah. I guess it just all depends on the situation. I didn’t realize that there was a law against them in the U.K. and Ireland.

    • Ownership of pit bull terriers and others was banned in Britain in 1991 following a spate of attacks by dangerous dogs.

      The law has been in for a long time Lily.

  5. Katrinarachel is absolutely correct. It is the PEOPLE who raise and train these dogs who are criminal, NOT the dogs. We need better laws. People should have to get a permit to own a dog. Pit Bulls, when raised in a loving home are perfectly wonderful dogs. These dogs are not born this way. They are trained to attack and be vicious. Any dog can be turned into a fighting animal if abused and neglected.

    I’ve had many animals in my life, rescued dogs and cats. When they are treated with respect, revered, and loved they are good and noble creatures. A gift from God.

    • AGL, the owner must have a dog license for his dog its the law, the dog can also be micro chipped for free. Its against the law to have these dogs so why have them. If the dogs were not bought in the first place, then there would be no attacks, and no dogs getting put down.
      We have always had cats because we find them easier to manage.

  6. I agree with katrinarachel and emilyelisabeth; owners are the ones responsible to ensure their dogs receive proper training and should be held responsible if they fail to provide it.

    Interestingly, yesterday we (hubby and I) took our Lab/Husky mix to the park where she was joined in play by a Pitbull, a Doberman, a Golden Retriever and a couple of small dogs–Yorkies–they all played well with each other and there was never any sign of aggression. As a matter of fact the Pitbull (11 months old) was very playful. Obviously, not being trained to fight or be aggressive to people or other animals. If trained right, I believe all dogs can be good pets.

  7. I believe in putting a dog to sleep that bites and have my own children. I live in Colorado, about the worst place to own a pit. They are very discriminated against. I own one. She has been attacked several times and won’t even defend herself. If someone broke into our house she’d help them take my stereo. If they escape to the streets, people are cruel and torment them.
    The owners of violent dogs should be shot. The dogs have become a status symbol for thugs. You would feel the same about a different breed if idiot criminals selected them. This is an ignorant and bigoted post about wonderful dog. While your at it put down Dobermans, Rotties, and German shepherds. The only dogs that have ever bitten me were poodles spaniels, and dachshunds.

    • I am going to answer all the comments together if you don’t mind.

      The post was about policemen being mauled by one dog, two of the men very badly, by a dog that should never have been in the country.

      The law in Briton states that under the ” dangerous dogs act “, these dogs are on it and should not be keep at all. So any-one who owns one is breaking the law and should go to jail.

      I know there are good and bad dogs of all breeds out there and its not the dogs fault how they are brought up, but they should not be bought in the first place.

      If the dogs could be tamed and re-homed that’s great, but would you trust a tamed attack dog with your child.

    • Dan, i said they were a status symbol and it is the idiot owners who turn them bad, so for you to say I AM IGNORANT AND BIGOTED you are completely out of order.
      I like dogs, but i have never had one since i got married.

  8. I watch the Animal Planet cable TV channel a lot. There’s a show called Animal Cops Houston (also similar series for other cities.) The heroes of these programs are SPCA (Humane Society) investigators who routinely rescue neglected, abandoned and cruelly mistreated animals. Some of the worst situations they face are dog fighting operations. This illegal “sport” is absolutely brutal. The creeps who own the dogs breed and teach them to fight other dogs from the time they’re mere pups. Pit bulls are their favorite breed. Dogs who aren’t good fighters or who get injured are used as “bate” dogs to train the others. Some are hideously scarred and lame.

    One of the saddest aspects of this horrible business is that these dogs often welcome the SPCA rescuers, begging to be petted and removed from their mericiless owners. And what is their fate? They must be humanely euthanized because they can’t be adopted out. They would be a danger to humans and other animals. Through no fault of their own. If they’d been raised gently by caring people, they might have been someone’s beloved pet.

  9. I am sorry Harry but you are wrong to say that pitbulls are dangerous. Yes they are strong…but it is NOT the breed that is dangerous it is the idiots who own and don’t raise these dogs in a loving environment. I know a few pitbulls and they are the gentlest dogs…I WOULD have trusted them around my kids with no hesitation…at least as much as I would trust any dog with a child…any dog can be MADE aggressive with the wrong owner Harry, and to label a breed like this is wrong and stirs up bad feelings among people who do not understand what the real problem is – the owners !!!
    To say that the law stops aggressive dogs attacking is foolish…I have seen small breeds do a great deal of damage. The laws are WRONG because they discriminate against specific breeds – they came about through mass hysteria over a few attacks that were – if you examine the attacks closely, the responsibility of the owner…said owners having developed the aggression to the point that the dog attacked. Any dog can be made safe with the right owner…that said I do believe not everyone should be allowed to own certain breeds as they have no idea how to train and raise these dogs to be in society…but…DO NOT BLAME THE BREED…UNFORTUNATELY it is posts like these that cause hysteria and ignorant people to over react to the detriment of the breed and all animals.

    You say – If the dogs were not bought in the first place, then there would be no attacks, and no dogs getting put down.- sorry wrong again. There will always be dog attacks. All breeds are capable of attacking and as long as owners are not required to have a permit to PROVE they are responsible dog owners this will occur…with any breed Harry.

  10. I used to work at a vet clinic. I actually felt the most fear from Chihuahuas and Mini Pinschers. Yeesh those are sketchy dogs. Give me a husky, a pit bull, a german shepherd, an akita, a rottweiler, or a Doberman any day. Even the smallest dogs are dangerous when poorly trained. If we’re outlawing one breed, let’s outlaw them all. And children. Children bite, too. 🙂

  11. I’ve been having dogs as pets since i was a little boy, I had dangerous breeds like doberman , I’ve got into training dogs professionally , and i always said that is not the dogs fault. Before taking down the dog, the owner must take the responsibility first. These breeds of dogs get a bad reputation because of their owner. The dog has no fault …he was trained to be aggressive. I’ve seen vicious Labradors and Golden Retrievers ….breeds that generally are not aggressive. If I had a say into all of this, i will treat the owner of one of these dogs that attacked and disfigured or killed somebody like we treat a child abuser or molester.

  12. Harry, let me just say this. If I was one of those cops being attacjed, before the dog could reach me, my bullet would reach him first 😉

  13. Well, you hit another nerve here, Harry. This is a sticky issue.

    As a dog lover, I abhor people to train dogs that are already hard-wired to be aggressive (to hunt or protect or whatever) to attack. For every pit bull we hear about in the news that mauls or kills someone, there are many more who are gentle giants. And while a poodle or other small dog’s bite may not kill, it could leave a huge physical and emotional scar. It’s not just one breed that attacks.

    Others have said it and so have you–ultimately, people are responsible for keeping their dogs (and other companion animals) safe and secure (for their own benefit and for the benefit of the public. People who encourage aggression in any breed should be punished and the dogs removed to homes where they can be rehabilitated. And I believe that most (not all) can be.

    When I adopted my Scrappy, he was overly aggressive. Now he is as gentle as can be. If someone would have ordered him shot because he snapped and growled at me when I first got him, I would have missed out on one of the sweetest dogs dogs I’ve ever known.

    I know this isn’t the same situation at all, but I think you understand my point.

  14. I do Lorna as i have understood all the points made.
    But my post was about the law in Briton, in which these banned dogs are not allowed to be keep, there’s no way round it.
    Some people seem to have missed this part of the post 🙂

    As you know may blog Lorna, this will not be the last post that will hit a nerve or be on a sticky issue, i like to be controversial 😆

  15. Dobermans tend to be quite evil aswell, they’re like the dogs of hell. If they’re not house trained and unfit for sociality then they should be put down, can’t think of a worse life than sat in a kennel all day.

  16. I’ve just seen this and I had to respond. IMO it’s the cruel and irresponsible owners who should be put down. They don’t own these poor animals as pets but as weapons and status symbols. They treat these dogs appallingly in order to make them savage and dangerous. Half starved, beaten and kept in the most dreadful conditions it’s no wonder the dogs turn into such unapproachable creatures. And then, when a child or member of the public is attacked they wonder why.
    There should be more vigorous vetting of these potential owners before a dog is released into their less than tender care.

  17. Welcome to our world, in the US, of what’s it’s like trying to communicate with Pitty People.

  18. Ginny thanks for visiting and your comment.

  19. Your means of explaining the whole thing in this piece of writing is genuinely fastidious, every one is capable of without difficulty knowing it, thanks a lot.

  20. This post makes me sad, which is a shame because I love most of your posts. It’s true; dangerous dogs shouldn’t be allowed near people, just as dangerous people shouldn’t.

    I also agree that it is completely the owner’s responsibility, and also the owner’s fault if their dog attacks.

    I will defend you, in the way that some dogs turn nasty with no apparant reason. A labrador retriever once attacked my labrador and when mine escaped, tore it’s own sister to pieces without warning. I don’t know the circumstances, it may have been ignored and mistreated for a while but the owners insisted that it has always been a lovely dog.

    But it is wrong to blame the full breed for attacks, like many above me have said. Hitler was austrian and german, and he basically killed millions. He was dangerous. Does that mean we kill all the austrians and germans?

    Any dog, any animal, any person will attack if pushed far enough, there’s no question about it. Does that mean we label all of us as dangerous and ban humans? Humans are more dangerous than dogs and I don’t mean because they train them. When you walk home worried in the dark, it isn’t because there’s a possibility of a dog attack.

    Those cute fluffy things will rip your face off aswell.

    It’s funny these breeds are mentioned, because I explain my point further in my blog post here:


  21. No-one seems to get the point of the post, its the law that you cannot have these dogs, so why do they keep and breed them.
    I know there are good and bad dogs, but the banned breeds are the ones that do the most of the attacks.
    Sitting quietly and the next minute they attack, it has happen a lot and there has been children killed by them.
    The law has been changed now and you will get 18 months jail if you dog attacks and the dog will be put down, i’m sorry for the dog but it should not be in the house in the first place.

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